Missing my First Friday Art Hop

I am sitting in the airport headed to La Meridiana, an Italian ceramic school. Our featured artist is Lee Ann Frame. Earlier this year, I told Lee Ann that I wanted to take a 2 week clay course. She immediately gave me a hug and said "go". I will be your featured artist, host an artist talk, and you MUST go. So here I am on the first leg of my journey wondering how it is going in the gallery. Who attended? But, most importantly, each time I spend more than 10 minutes with this printmaker I learn something. Guess, I better make sure I listen and look hard while in my class so I can share the knowledge when I return. Thank you Lee Ann, Sarah, Julie, and Anne

A St. Paddies Day Salute To Grass (Robin Hopper)

About two years ago, maybe three, Robin Hopper knew that he wasn't long on this earth. He asked Tony Clennell to give his eulogy at our national ceramics conference (NCECA). I know that Tony started thinking about what he would say to his peers about this man who gave so much to our clay community. Tony did a great job. He wore glasses, hat, and bow tie of Robins. He had one of Robin's t-shirts on too. Robin would always wear these silly T-shirt's while running a workshop. One time when he took me to his favorite T-shirt shop in Victoria. We hunted around, being in the moment, I had to purchase three silly T-shirt's too. When, I got home, I said to myself "Really?! I don't wear T-shirt's like this laughing at myself.". Robin Hopper, an artist, man, husband, father, teacher, author, gardner, chemist, entertainer, and taskmaster, he was a force. Who will take his place? I know Tony is to some degree. Robin counseled him to not live as large and hard as he did. I hope Tony listens and that we get to see his artwork, take his workshops, and read his blog: smokyclennellblogspot.com for many years.    

NCECA Wrap Up- National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts

NCECA 2018 in Pittsburgh Wrap Up

Whew! It was great to visit Pittsburgh last week. I was able to see wonderful ceramic art work in a wide range of styles. This conference takes over a city filling it with art displays in every possible commercial and private venue. You can spend 5 days listening to thought provoking lectures; demonstrations by current masters; and you can wander in and out of exhibits daily. It is impossible to see it all. The youth exhibit for K-12 always makes me smile. The teachers pull so much creativity out of these kiddos. I have loved Cristina Cordova's sculptural work for a long time. I sat for 4 hours watching her create a 4 foot figure. Then watching Alessandro Gallo create his smaller scaled humorous "people creatures". I felt so grateful for the time I was taking to participate in NCECA 2018.   As artists, we work many hours by ourselves.  This conference provides an avenue for us, the creatives, to be with our people, look, listen, learn, and most importantly have some fun!  Have a good day everyone!

First Friday follow up – Meet Internationally Collected Painter and Juror – Mark Mehaffey

meet artist Mark Mehaffey, painter, teacher, juror

First Friday - March 2018 Featured Artist- Mark Mehaffey       Who is Mark Mehaffey? an artist a painter a fisherman a walker a dog trainer/lover a teacher a art competition juror a friend to man a mentor an artist Mark and I had a conversation between us and the gallery guests.  This banter between myself and the artists is something that I greatly enjoy each time we host an Artist Talk.  The list above circles back to Mark being an artist because at the end of the day, I believe that this is the very core of Mark.   Some of the answers to my questions posed to Mark: Cyndi:  How often do you paint, in any manner? Mark:  I paint every day, even if I am traveling.  Hey, I read an interesting article this morning, actually re-read it.  The title was “Why original Art in the home is as important as a BED.”  “You would never put fake books on your book shelf, so why would you put fake art on your walls?!” Cyndi:  Tell us about the shows and traveling that you did in 2017. Mark:  In 2017, I was invited to the Shanghai China Invitational Exhibit and Paint Out.  I was invited to bring two paintings to be exhibited and paint while visiting the surrounding areas.  One of the two paintings that was exhibited was purchased by a C2C client.  I was thrilled for her to own this painting. She can tell her friends that this painting was hung in Shanghai.  Rosie and I traveled to Scotland to participate in a Watercolour Society Exhibit.  I was able to pose for a photograph with Prince Charles who also exhibited in the show. Cyndi:  What do you consider when judging a piece of art? Mark:  I consider how well did the artist resolve an idea or content of an entry; then the overall design and how it relates to the overall emotional content; and then lastly, the technical skill and application. One last thing that I shared: I hope that you, our friends,  will continue attending art openings; inviting friends to join you; and meeting artists.  I believe it is a win-win situation.  You get to see and consider new ideas.  Artist get to talk about their thoughts and what they are trying to share.  And at the end of the day, it connects us to one another.  Have a good night everyone.  

How to Clean & Care for Your Acrylic Paintings

Taking care of your investment - paintings

Care for Your Acrylic Painting Painting by Mark Mehaffey   We are asked quite often "How do I take care of my acrylic painting? Do you know of anyone who can repair my investment?" Don't allow any rigid object to press against the front or back surface of the stretched canvas as this could create permanent indentation damage. When storing or transferring, take care to protect the canvas surfaces from becoming dinged or dented. If though, your canvas painting does get slightly stretched or dented in an area, sometimes spraying water on the back side ( the unpainted side) of the canvas can shrink the stretch/dent. It depends on how severe the indentation is. If unsure about doing this yourself, have a professional do it.  Don't ever attempt to clean the surface by using solvents or cleaning products OF ANY KIND!! Cleaning liquids may actually embed the dirt into the painting and cause permanent liquid lines over the surface. In fact, it is discouraged to use any liquid, including water, to clean the surface of your acrylic painting. Do use compressed air in a can to blow away surface dust. You can slightly dampen a very soft cotton cloth with only water and wipe the surface of the painting.  We suggest weekly dusting the top edge of your painting, too. Be careful not to bump or scratch the painting. If the paint is damaged in any way, avoid dusting altogether.  Do seek out professional services if you find, after years of display, that cleaning with compressed air or a soft cloth do not remove the dirt. Seek out professional services appropriate for the piece. Consider an experienced art conservator who will know the correct method due to their extensive training and experience. The risk of damage to the painting will be much less if it is cleaned by a reputable professional in the field of fine art conservation. Please understand that the artist is not responsible for damage to your painting caused by improper display, cleaning or storage. Suggested Professionals: Carlos Moya, CarlosArmondoMoya@gmail.com, www.theconservationcenter.com Amber Smith Schabdach, ambersmith77@gmail.com, www.theconservationcenter.com Julie Simek, jasimek@yahoo.com, www.artic.edu Joshua Freedland, jfreedland@wje.com, www.wje.com Original art is an investment, not only valued monetarily. Your painting will be appreciated by future generations, not just by those who view it today.

National Ceramics Conference – Here we come!

K-12 Student Ceramic Exhibit at NCECA

Wow!  First day of NCECA (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts)   So much to see, old friends to meet up with, lots of stories to hear and tell.  I love being with my people - fellow potters.  I was telling new found friends last night at dinner that even in the Pittsburgh airport as you walk the concourses, you can pick us out of a crowd.  No, I can’t define this but potters are unique interesting men and women.  (Not saying that those of you who are not, aren’t.  Just saying) Yesterday, was all about getting acclimated to the convention center and exhibit hall.  I always see the Student K-12 Show first.  It makes me smile in amazement at the kid’s lack of fear and the talent.  Of course, the end artwork seen, is due to the talents of wonderful teachers dedicated to sharing information, ideas, and then gently pulling the creativity out of the young. Here are a few pics:          

Final Week of the “C2C Gallery 2018 Photo Contest”

First Photo Contest by C2C Gallery. Juror: bob walma

Our Final Week of the C2C Gallery Photo Contest Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in our Photo Contest.  It's been fun to see the entries.  Last week, our focus was Landscape.   And the winners are....... Linda Holtrop 1st Place Winner Overall - Landscape Kris kelley 2nd Place Overall Kevin tempelman 3rd Place Overall Ryan christensen 1st Place  honorable mention Lynn hitchcock 2nd Place honorable mention  Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry to our first photo contest, "Lines and Colors of West Michigan".  Bob Walma and I had fun with this event.  We plan to host a similar event in 2019.  Enjoy the Spring-like weather.   A look at an early Bob Walma's image of the Coal Tipple

And the winner for week 2 of the “C2C Gallery 2018 Photo Contest”

Week 2 of our First C2C Gallery Photo Contest Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in our Photo Contest.  It's been fun to see the entries.  Last week, our focus was Architecture.   And the winners are....... Morgan Lachney 1st Place Winner Overall - Architecture Michelle Allard 2nd Place Overall Linda Holtrop 3rd Place Overall Kevin tempelman 1st Place  honorable mention Kris Kelley 2nd Place  Honorable Mention Madigan Lautzenheiser 3rd Place honorable mention Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry.  We have one remaining week for our photograph contest.  This week the theme is: Landscapes.     Please submit your entries via email to Bob Walma at bob@walma.com.  You can also submit on Facebook or Instagram using #c2cgallery2018photocontest.

And the Winner is……

Week One of the Lines and Colors of West Michigan Photo Contest

Week Number 1 of our Lines and Colors of West Michigan Photo Contest   So much fun!  Bob and I loved seeing all of the great photographs by area photographers, both amateur and professional.  Thank you for taking the time to submit your entries. And the winner is:     First Place:  Anya Selina Wells Over all winner, Amateur photographer Congratulations Anya!  Your photograph shows great composition and mood.  We will be printing and framing your image this week.  It will hang in the gallery until March 2.  Please visit us on Friday evening between 6 and 7 to get your picture taken with Bob Walma.  Thank you for participating.     Lauren kane mattone 2nd place overall, amateur photographer        madigan lautzenheiser 3rd place overall, amateur photographer   Stacy drake pearson 1st runner up, amateur photographer     Linda  2nd Runner Up, amateur photographer    Kevin Tempelman 3rd runner up, amateur photographer   Morgan Lachney 1st runner up, professional photographer     Ryan christensen 2nd RUNNER UP, PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER   Joel Bradshaw 3rd RUNNER UP, PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER   Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry.  We have two additional weeks for this photograph contest.  This week the theme is:  Architecture  Please submit your photographs to Bob Walma via his emai:  bob@walma.com OR you can submit on facebook or instagram using the hashtag:  #c2cgallery2018photocontest.     Have a great week, everyone.  Thank you, Cyndi and Bob  

A Month Focused on Photography – Images of Post-War Europe

This month we are focused on Bob Walma's "Lines and Colors of West Michigan."  However, this article was in my feed this morning.  I found it haunting, eerie, sad, and yet beautiful.  Send me a note letting me know your thoughts.   Here is the link to the article if you would like to learn more:   A Jewish Photographer's Long Unseen Images

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