A morning walk

I found this discussion interesting by Robert Glenn, a painter, writer. So, I thought I would pass it to others.A morning walk-Even though we are back on Standard time, the mornings are still dark. I enter the studio at six, open the email and give yesterday's paintings the casual glance that tells what the previous evening could not. Stepping out into the mist with Dorothy, we catch sight of hurrying raccoons--two adults and two young-of-the-year--silhouetted for a moment by the last electric light before the forest.Fog is snagged like Halloween on the high cedars and firs, their tops disappearing above. Below, the familiar path winds darkly through the cathedral, the forest floor musky as truffles and wet with dew and the eyes of autumn spiders. A Winter wren notes her privacy from a snowberry bush. Somewhere up ahead a Barred owl calls and a nearer one, perhaps an errant mate, calls back, overlapping in a higher, more ladylike return. Then I'm wondering if it's the female owl whose voice is deeper.This morning we have no flashlight or camera or brush--it's a time of thought and feeling, a time for the day's plans to unfurl. Dorothy runs doggedly off leash, her map of odours confirmed by her superior nose--she needs no light to travel. Perhaps this will be the best of her day. Maybe mine, too.It seems our brains don't do their best when pressed into service or called upon to produce. Walking, resting, even lathering shampoo are apparently the better times for thinking, especially thinking ahead. Recent research confirms that the best thinking happens when we're mildly engaged in something else. Something pleasant, routine, distracting. In the institution of the time-honoured walk, the best ideas are issued in the second half. Feet wander. The mind does, too.We return via the busy roadway where commuters are now releasing themselves to the far away city. Their hands are on Starbucks, their ears on traffic reports or the hands-free for their stockbrokers. As dawn truly breaks, engines hum their thinking mantras toward the highways of commerce.Dorothy and I are dawdling. According to top psychologists, as well as Henry David Thoreau, Robert Frost and William Wordsworth, taking time for a walk figures things out and adds joy and efficiency to the day ahead.Best regards,RobertPS: "Spontaneous, wandering thought is now viewed by brain scientists as a critical aspect of healthy functioning." (Mark Fenske, co-author of The Winner's Brain: 8 Strategies Great Minds Use to Achieve Success)

Potter at an Art Fair

Art Fair Sales

The sun is shining but its cold!

I had a very frustrating firing. I usually clean my studio, write emails, check on lists while my gas kiln is firing. On Monday, I threw some new work and made about a hundred Christmas ornaments. But, I kept delaying watching the kiln at the very end. I paid the price! Fired it just a bit too long. Three large casseroles had glazes that ran onto the kiln shelves. Ruined! Cracked! $200 potential dollars gone! Life of a potter.

Check out some of the new work for the sale next week!

I have new vases with handmade reed handles and many tray sets. Too many to put up on the internet. I woke up to snow this morning. I couldn't believe it! But, the sun is shining now. No more denial, winter is on its way. Time to put the yard furniture away and tidy up the flower beds. Never enough time though. Not enough of Cyndi to go around. I will get it all done though. We have friends coming for dinner tonight and a busy Saturday/Sunday planned. I am firing the gas kiln on Monday. Christmas ornaments are in this firing and lots of trays.

Ali Baba Jars

I turned 50 a couple of weeks ago. To Celebrate this mark in time, we went to Crete. We started in the western corner of Old Town, Chania. I loved this small harbor. These jars were made by a 73 year old man in the hills of Crete. His name was Nikos Kavgalakis. I met his daughter who said that he only makes the large jars in the summer months so that the pot will set up properly when adding coils to it. There were hundreds of these large, large jars.

Instead of attending the last day of ArtPrize….

Instead of attending the last day of ArtPrize, I worked in the studio getting ready for a firing. We saw a great concert on Saturday night in Saugutuck by the Wailin Jenny's. Their harmonies were amazing. Such talent. This group proves that you don't need lots of fancy equipment to make really great music. Check out their site: http://www.thewailinjennys.com/home.aspxI did fire the gas kiln on Sunday. Packing to head to Crete. I am hoping to see some wonderful sites that will inspire me.

It is back up!

With Brian's help and a very nice man walking by, the pyramid has risen again! It is cracked and pieces missing but it is up. Thank you for all of the support this past weekend. I appreciated the kind comments. A friend from my "younger" years walked by while Brian and I were hanging it. It was great to see her and her daughter. I hope that we can re-connect for coffee.

A bad Friday evening!

I received a phone call from a friend, whose sister was at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids. She was at my work and was told by another viewer that a young child had swung on my piece and it fell to the ground. Smashing two of three sides and bottoms. Not good news. I had plans to take family members to Grand Rapids on Saturday, which we did do. "Change...It's Inevitable" came home with us in the back of the wagon. I will glue what pieces I can together and rehang it, as is, tomorrow. Lesson: Swing on your piece before it leaves your studio. Time to move on and get ready for November and December sales.

Its Up!

We got the work in place yesterday even with the rain. I had three strong men from JSJ Corporation helping me. They were awesome. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will be reasonable so that people will be out and about in downtown Grand Rapids. I am headed back up there today to finalize the sign. Headliners printed and mounted the sign for me. Thank you, Marc. All in all, it has been an amazing project. Now back to real life. I need to make my daily work for the upcoming November Guild sale and the UICA December sale.

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