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  • Beach Series by Donna Zagotta A Painting I Love – A Day at the Beach

    Beach Series by Donna Zagotta

    Donna Zagotta
    A friend suggested that I consider Donna Zagotta’s painting for C2C Gallery.  I was intrigued by her artwork.  I love her unique use of watercolor.  She likes to paint women busy or not, with their lives.  Days at the beach, walking the streets of a new city, or bustling through their day.  These paintings are not large in size.  Each painting  is  filled with vibrant color.  Stop in and have a look.  If you live out of town, we would be happy to email images to you allowing you to select your favorite.  We will ship.  
  • Water painting by Michelle Courier A Painting I love – Running Water and Sunshine by Michelle Courier

    Water painting by Michelle Courier

    Michelle T Courier
    Michelle Courier has been one C2C’s artists since 2011.  She found us.  Since that time, this painter has been recognized as some of the best landscape artists in the United States. Michelle paints every day, unless she is hiking or driving to deliver new artwork or participate in a show.  Monthly, you can find articles about this woman in Art Collector or SouthWest Art Magazine.

    Southwest Art Magazine June 2017

     We believe that when you own a Michelle Courier painting, you will never grow tired of it.  Her use of light is one of the elements that you will always find in her wall art.  Currently, we have 6 of her paintings.  

  • A Painting I Love – Hiding Moon by Cheryl Hillman

    Hiding Moon oil painting by Cheryl Hillman

    Cheryl Kay Hillman
    We have a new artist in the gallery, Cheryl Kay Hillman.  Cheryl was a bookkeeper for 30 years and married to a retired art professor.  They spent vacations visiting museums and galleries.  I believe that she was receiving an art education storing knowledge for the time when she could become a creative person.  I find her ethereal paintings well composed with quiet details for the viewer.  Each time I look at these abstract pieces, I create a new storyline about it.  
  • Abstract painting by Gerhard Richter A Painting I Love – Abstract by Gerhard Richter

    Abstract painting by Gerhard Richter

    Gerhard Richter
    Gerhard Richter was born in the 1930’s.  He has lived an amazing life always looking at his world and creating new art from it.  I find his paintings over photographs very interesting and loved this abstract.  Richter has painted all of his life and has never been pigeonholed in one style.  

  • A Painting I Love – September Light in the Mountains

    Landscape Painting by Michelle Courier Boulders River Light

    Michelle Courier
    This is a painting new to us in the gallery.  Michelle has been with C2C Gallery since inception.  She found us!  I immediately admired her talent.  This past week, Michelle was asked about  her paintings.  She said,
    “I am always asked as an artist what my secret is The truth is I paint, and paint, and paint until I can’t paint anymore. I keep my head down and work. I don’t worry about anyone else’s work even though I greatly admire other artists. I just try to make each painting as kick ass as I can. I am in a race with myself to improve with each painting I create.
    Now…. go run your own race ….. whatever that race may be! Good day everyone!!”
    Michelle is being featured almost monthly in both SouthWest Art and Art Collector Magazines.  I don’t believe in buying art as an investment.  I believe in buying because it speaks to you and you love it.  Michelle’s paintings might do both.

    Southwest Art Magazine March 2017


  • A Painting I Love – Man-made Fingerprints and the Natural World

    Sean Thomas Powerplant painting

    Sean Thomas
    Sean Thomas has spent his painting career studying urban landscape with an appreciation of the relationships between the natural and man-made environment.  He spent 10 months in Rome really looking at how the city was built and changed over time.  He began as an illustrator and has focused on painting since his senior year at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).  I love how his abstracted work resonates with images that we all recognize. 
  • My Garden painting by Sara Katz A Painting I Love – Moving through My Garden – Sara Katz

    My Garden painting by Sara Katz

    Sara Katz
    I read several different blogs about art all over the globe.  Some days, I skim them and other times, I read them word for word.  They have become my newspaper.  A very positive way to start the day learning about how other artist’s work and stay creative.  I found Sara Katz this morning.  I feel as though she is my new favorite abstract artist.  Many of her paintings are her interpretation of being in the car and passing a field, bridge, or other scenery.  
  • Watercolor Painting by Sean Barrett A Painting I Love – Memories of the Past – Sean Barrett

    Watercolor Painting by Sean Barrett

    Sean Barrett
    Sean Barrett’s watercolor painting, “Picket Fence” was recognized in this year’s National Watercolor Society’s Exhibit at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center.  I like Sean’s subjects. Looking at his painting, it reminds me of my grandparents who owned several travel trailers.  He portrays a couple from a bygone era reminding us of simpler times and road trips across the United States.  
  • A Painting that I Love – Times Square at Night – Jon McDonald

    Painting by Jon McDonald times square at night

    Jon McDonald
    Jon McDonald is a professor at Kendall School of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He was born in the South but moved to Grand Haven, Michigan when he was a young child.  Jon is a generous artist with both his students and his community.  He is friendly, helpful, but loves the quiet of his home and studio.  Check out this interview about Jon:
    MLive interview with Jon McDonald
    MLive Interview

  • A Painting that I Love – Trees, Water, Sky and more by Michelle Courier

    Truckee California River by Michelle Courier

    Michelle courier
    Michelle Courier found me when I was first organizing the artists that C2C Gallery would represent.  Immediately, I was amazed by her talent.  Her ability to capture light in each of her paintings was incredible.  Recently, Michelle moved to the Denver area and you will see that her paintings reflect the big skies, trees, and water of the West.  They are all images that resonate with us no matter where we call home.

    Southwest Art Magazine Cover