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A Sculpture I Love – Mandala with Spinning Prayer Wheels by Lee S Brown

Lee S Brown Lee Brown is one of our original artists at C2C Gallery.  Lee works in a variety of materials using found and purchased objects to create sculpture that is freestanding or hangs on the wall.  When you visit C2C Gallery you will find a banister created for our space.  Lee loves to consider numerology, patterns, ancient peoples and cultures.  More information about Lee can be found here.

A Mural I Love – fragmentations and rapacity in an agitated world

René Derouin I continue to be interested in the public art project of Montreal.  Rene' Derouin has spent a lifetime watching birds of prey.  He believes that today's world is fragmented and that we live in an agitated world.  He is a multidisciplinary artist.  This artist has long been interested in Mexican Murals and what is "American?"  He is intrigued by our migrations as humans and combining of cultures.  His art ranges from printmaking to sculpture. Before the mural!

A Painting that I Love – Times Square at Night – Jon McDonald

Professor and Illustrator at Kendall School of Art and Design - Jon McDonald

Jon McDonald Jon McDonald is a professor at Kendall School of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He was born in the South but moved to Grand Haven, Michigan when he was a young child.  Jon is a generous artist with both his students and his community.  He is friendly, helpful, but loves the quiet of his home and studio.  Check out this interview about Jon: MLive Interview

A Photograph that I Love – Something almost prehistoric – Sandhill Cranes

Randy Olson How do you choose a great image?  I am still astounded by what you can find on the worldwide web.  Randy Olson and his wife have an amazing resume as professional photographers.  National Geographic selected this image of Sandhill Cranes and lightening as one of the best in 2016.  

Ceramics that I Love – Debra Oliva

Functional pottery by Debra Oliva with use of lines, patterns, and texture

Debra Oliva Debra Oliva is a Michigan clay artist.  I love her geometric patterns incised into her forms. She usually throws on the potter's wheel, altering it's shape.  This artist considers patterns found in nature, fabrics, and adds interesting texture to each piece.  Always one of a kind.  Debra would like each of her pieces to be displayed and enjoyed until used for entertaining or every day life.    

A Sculpture that I Love – Layered in Surreality

Narrative Sculptures by Sergei Isupov

Sergei Isupov I have been following Sergei Isupov for many years.  Each time I see his work, in person, my stomach forms a knot. Sergei's sculptural work is eerie.  You look, walk away, come back to it, and look some more.  The imagery and stories you can create are innumerable. Photographs don't do them justice.  The Erie Art Museum is hosting an exhibit of his work through April 2017.  If you can see this show in person, it would be worth the visit.

A Mural I Love – Homage to Emile Nelligan

Jason Botkin I keep going back to the Open Air Art Museum in Montreal.  I think the reason that this mural caught my eye is because I love books.  In our house, books are sacred and you take care of them.  This mural was created close to University of Montreal.  It pays homage to the poets and authors of the city.    

A Painting that I Love – Trees, Water, Sky and more by Michelle Courier

Michelle courier Michelle Courier found me when I was first organizing the artists that C2C Gallery would represent.  Immediately, I was amazed by her talent.  Her ability to capture light in each of her paintings was incredible.  Recently, Michelle moved to the Denver area and you will see that her paintings reflect the big skies, trees, and water of the West.  They are all images that resonate with us no matter where we call home.

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