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Ceramics that I Love – A nod to Native Americans and Seed Storage

Bob Green Bob Green is a Massachusetts ceramic artist who lived for several years in Vermont.  He loves the history of Native American potters making vessels for storing seeds.  The small openings are to prevent critters from having access to the next year's crops.  He fires using several different methods focused on the form allowing fire to create interesting surfaces to his pots.

A Sculpture that I Love – Tribal Revolt

Graham Hay - Tribes of taste Graham Hay is an Australian artist who uses a variety of mediums to create a sculpture.  He is well known in the ceramics world for working in paperclay.  Paperclay can be any clay body with processed cellulose fibre added to it.  Basically, the cheapest toilet paper that you can find is appropriate or a wide variety of other materials can be used.  Graham has taught workshops in the states.  I have wanted to attend one for several years but my schedule has never meshed with his calendar.  Check out his video showing the breadth of his creative work.

A Mural that I Love – taking street art for a swim in Hawaii

Sean Yoro Sean Yoro lives in Hawaii but is from New York City.  Using his surfboard, he has access to some of the most beautiful scenery in Hawaii.  He chooses to depict women rising out of the water on walls of bridges and ruins along the Hawaiian coast.  

A Painting I Love – Man-made Fingerprints and the Natural World

Sean Thomas Sean Thomas has spent his painting career studying urban landscape with an appreciation of the relationships between the natural and man-made environment.  He spent 10 months in Rome really looking at how the city was built and changed over time.  He began as an illustrator and has focused on painting since his senior year at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).  I love how his abstracted work resonates with images that we all recognize. 

A Photograph that I Love – Four Fence Line by Stone Peng

Stone Peng places 4th in competition at KIA

Stone Peng Stone Peng visited us about four years ago.  He is a quiet man who's photography attempts to reflect  the Chinese philosophy of life and the aesthetic principles "less is more" and "empty is full" in creating his  images.  One of his professors told him “if you put your heart at peace and involve yourself in nature, you can feel that nature is your friend and realize nature’s life cycle and beauty.”  Stone has been accepted into and won many awards around West Michigan.   His most recent award is 4th place in the West Michigan Area Show.  We are honored to represent this artist.

Ceramics I Love – Bottles, Metroscapes (is this a word?)

Paola Paronetto Look what I discovered last night!  I think I just found a new favorite ceramic artist. Paola Paronetto is an Italian Ceramic artist who creates sculpture using paperclay and porcelain.  She has spent the last 30 years creating, refining, and is now making forms that relate to bottles and metropolitan landscapes.  In the past, she worked in porcelain creating functional and sculptural work.  I absolutely love what she is creating today.  

Don’t Feed the Trolls! Julie Sanford

Julie Sanford - "Don't Feed the Trolls" Julie Sanford is one of our jewelry artists.  She has been with C2C Gallery since 2011.  Last May, Julie entered a fun competition where you were given 50 components.  The artists needed to use all of the components plus one found item to create a kinetic brooch.   Julie told me that she had found this little troll several years ago and had saved him for a special project.  He is so darn cute!  I love Julie's artist statement wrote discussing how we all fight the voices in our head. Julie's Statement:  Trolls are out there. We’ve all come across them at one time or another. They’re not always the obvious nuisances chiming in on social media; sometimes they’re lurking in our studios, in our sketchbooks and in our heads. They whisper, they taunt, they lie and they can deflate our capacity to create wonderful things. Don’t let them. Don’t give them a voice, your time, or your attention. Don’t listen, comment or let them occupy space in your head. Look at them as the funny little creatures they are, and carry on with joyful, creative abandon. Moving parts include: Spinning anvil on the stump and a hidden troll peeks out with a turn of the lever. For the challenge I used all, or part, of kit components except: The fine chains, round silver beads, copper washer and the small brass washer. My found object is the cast silver troll doll. Congratulations Julie on being a 2016 finalist for the Halstead Design Challenge. Julie creates lovely hand fabricated jewelry.  She works in sterling silver, copper, and gold using Fordite, Jasper, Petoskey, and other fine gemstones.  We offer a wide selection of her work.   

A Mural I Love – “Health Is…”

Precita Eyes Murals of San Francisco, "Health Is 2013" Precita Eyes is a 40 year old arts organization creating murals throughout the San Francisco Bay area.  They work with the community to design and create large scale paintings on buildings for the public to enjoy.  Several different themes have been featured.   I thought "Health Is" was a very appropriate mural to share in our current political climate. Grand Haven's Artwalk is a grassroots organization focusing on the arts.  I hope that we can continue to positively impact our community for 40 years.  

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