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  • “Art for Art’s Sake”

    Mayor McCaleb and Cyndi Casemier kicking off ArtWalk

    In West Michigan, you will find art everywhere in downtown Grand Rapids and Grand Haven.

    ArtPrize and ArtWalk is here!

    Lots of energy, questions, artists, and visitors asking “Is this art?”

    Oil Painting by Aziza AbbasiAziza Abbasi’s painting entry for GH ArtWalk

    Grand Haven has a smaller version of ArtPrize called ArtWalk. It is run entirely by volunteers. This year, we have more than 145 adult entries, 100 youth entries and 45 venues. Three jurors and I viewed every art entry yesterday. I always learn something either by just looking or listening to our jurors. This year, our jurors are:

    Sarah Weber, art professor at Grand Valley State University; Beth Purdy, art professor at Kendall School of Art and Design; and Sue Jerosvek, art collector. Thank you to each of them. I greatly appreciate their time considering each piece of art.

    Moon Totem ArtWalk entry by Lee S BrownLee S Brown sculpture entry for ArtWalk

    Last Tuesday, we hosted Grand Haven Area Public School’s 4th graders to ArtWalk. They viewed many of the art entries plus were treated to learning an interpretive dance movement led by the instructors at SpotLight Dance Academy.

    Spotlight dance academy leading 4th graders in a dance movement during artwalk

    The students and dancers from Spotlight Dance Academy performed a flash mob dance at our opening on Wednesday.

    Spotlight Dance Academy flash mob dance at ArtWalk

    This past weekend, we had additional art available for purchase in the Depot Building at our Waterfront and a family art day where kids and parents could paint their own piece of art.

    Family art day at ArtWalk

    You can vote for your favorite artist through October 2.

    Live Music at GH ArtWalk

  • graham Hay next to a sculpture Is it a Bird? A Plane? No, it’s a sculpture!

    Sculpture by Graham Hay

    So excited to be hosting a 3 day workshop in October!   I have read a lot about  Australian Graham Hay’s artwork.  Always wanting to take one of his workshops and it just hasn’t worked out.  Graham is a sculptor who works primarily in paper and clay.  Last year, he reached out to me asking if I would be interested in organizing a course. The planning has come together.   Lee Ann Frame has agreed to let us use her studio space at Muskegon Community College which will be perfect for both demos and making.  Mike Taylor of West Michigan Clay is donating the paper clay for Graham’s use and the participants.  I very much appreciate both Mike and Lee Ann’s assistance.
    graham Hay next to a sculpture

    Graham Hay

    Graham is a clay-aholic.  Graham says “My ceramic paper-clay work is an attempt to illustrate this on-going interest in the organization of the arts and crafts, and society. I am inspired by architecture and local plants, while trying to suggest the cycles, rigidities and dynamic nature of our society, and myself. My compressed paper sculptures are a by-product of office work, research, everyday correspondence and junk mail. Since 1994, it has been a way to create silence in a world of information overload. Despite the promise of the “paperless office” we still keep paper to hand and it can become a symbol of emotional attachment and a link with loved ones.”
    Hay is known to lead fun, informative workshops. Participants will watch him demonstrate using this interesting medium – paper-clay, plus create their own pieces with his guidance.  We will have three days of  learning, making, and talking all things art. 

    Click here for more information.

  • NPR Science Friday

    Stone Peng photographPhotograph by Stone Peng

    A couple of weeks ago, I posted on Facebook that one of our artists, Stone Peng, was a semi-finalist in a photography contest, hosted by NPR’s Science Friday.    We were thrilled to hear of his making it into the top ten entries submitted from across our country.   Stone’s image of a single horse resonates with many of us in rural areas during the winter.  His images are always quiet looks into the world around West Michigan.   I am proud to represent his work in our gallery.  Stone let me know that he placed 3rd in this National Competition.  Congratulations, Stone!


  • Where has the Art Section Gone?

    It’s Day 10 in my 100 Days with One Pound of Clay.  This has been hard.  Life keeps getting in the way.  I figure that seeing art shows is a form of being creative – looking at work made by other artist, considering the piece, and looking more.

    How do you get information about art exhibits, museum events, etc?  A comment blipped through my reading this morning commenting that many newspapers no longer have a dedicated art section.  I got thinking about our local and regional newspapers.  The author is correct.  The Grand Rapids Press might have an article somewhere buried in the Sunday paper’s lifestyle section.  I usually go online using Facebook, blogs, or the websites of local museums to find out about exhibits.   We read the Sunday New York Times.  Some weeks it takes about four days to get through it.  The Times continues to have an entire section focused on Art in Manhattan.  Many times, I fly through that section.  Others times, a great editorial is written about a musician, author, or artist.  Sadly, you can’t read the NY Times online unless you have a paid subscription.   Its not so bad to have all of that newsprint around though.  It gets used in the studio.

    Another site that I found is  The Artist’s Network.   It is a website that provides forums, announcements, discussions, educational videos for artists and others.  I don’t know what I think about it yet.   If you are a potter or someone interested in the ceramics world,  Ceramics Arts Daily, could interest you.  They provided educational information and focus on featured potters from all over the world.  The Huffington Post offers an arts section online.  

    The Huffington Post reported on Detroit’s Kresge Foundation’s 2014 Eminent Artist – Bill Rauhauser, who is 95.  Bill told the Post that he started taking photographs when Detroit was the Center of the World – a great city.

    Bill Rauhauser

    I  started making little sweaters.  C2C is hosting an “Ugly Sweater Show” in December.  The entry must be an ugly sweater using the art medium that you are currently working in.  So, I am making little sweaters that will lead up to a much larger one.  Its interesting considering what texture creates a sewn quality, etc.   I  can see many versions of these little guys over the next few months.

    Little Sweater 2


    Let me know where you find good discussions/information regarding the Art World.  Have a fun weekend.

  • Wedding Soon? Check us out.

    C2C Gallery offers Art For Your Every Day Life.  For wedding couples, we provide bridal registries for one of a kind functional artwork.  We represent over 15 potters and 20 other artisans from Michigan and other areas.  The owner, Cyndi Casemier, and other potters would love to create dinnerware and serving pieces for the couple to use in their daily lives.  We have a skilled jeweler who can make jewelry for the bride and/or wedding attendants.  We offer photography, original paintings, and signed reproductions for the new home.  See our website for more information:


  • Stories in Clay


    “Stories In Clay”

    Can you believe that school has started or will be starting soon?  For me, it seems as though we just celebrated Fourth of July.  In Grand Haven, The Coast Guard Festival marks time for many residents as the end of summer.  The days are still warm but nights are cooling off.  We begin to think about new shoes for kids and school supplies.  I sent my youngest off to college.  My last one.  Another rite of passage crossed.

    We have an interesting ceramics exhibit in the gallery through September 15.  Blair Clemo and Israel Davis are both professors at Grand Rapids Universities.  Both gentlemen spend their days working in clay and instructing students.  But, their approach to the same medium is very different.


    Blair Clemo instructs wheel throwing at Grand Valley State University.  Blair throws on the potter’s wheel, alters his work extensively using handmade stamps, firing in an electric kiln.




    Israel Davis instructs at Kendall School of Art and Design.  He focuses on images from dreams, his life, or the life of his family.  He screen prints images onto his clay work and then fires in a wood kiln.





    As always, we will be hosting an opening on the First Friday of September for these two artists.  Please put Friday, September 6 on your calendar.  Stop in between 6 and 9pm.  Michael Drost,  jazz guitar professor at Grand Valley will be performing  on the same evening, 6 to 8pm.

    Michael Drost

    Michael Drost