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Final Week of the “C2C Gallery 2018 Photo Contest”

First Photo Contest by C2C Gallery. Juror: bob walma

Our Final Week of the C2C Gallery Photo Contest Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in our Photo Contest.  It's been fun to see the entries.  Last week, our focus was Landscape.   And the winners are....... Linda Holtrop 1st Place Winner Overall - Landscape Kris kelley 2nd Place Overall Kevin tempelman 3rd Place Overall Ryan christensen 1st Place  honorable mention Lynn hitchcock 2nd Place honorable mention  Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry to our first photo contest, "Lines and Colors of West Michigan".  Bob Walma and I had fun with this event.  We plan to host a similar event in 2019.  Enjoy the Spring-like weather.   A look at an early Bob Walma's image of the Coal Tipple

And the winner for week 2 of the “C2C Gallery 2018 Photo Contest”

Week 2 of our First C2C Gallery Photo Contest Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in our Photo Contest.  It's been fun to see the entries.  Last week, our focus was Architecture.   And the winners are....... Morgan Lachney 1st Place Winner Overall - Architecture Michelle Allard 2nd Place Overall Linda Holtrop 3rd Place Overall Kevin tempelman 1st Place  honorable mention Kris Kelley 2nd Place  Honorable Mention Madigan Lautzenheiser 3rd Place honorable mention Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry.  We have one remaining week for our photograph contest.  This week the theme is: Landscapes.     Please submit your entries via email to Bob Walma at  You can also submit on Facebook or Instagram using #c2cgallery2018photocontest.

And the Winner is……

Week One of the Lines and Colors of West Michigan Photo Contest

Week Number 1 of our Lines and Colors of West Michigan Photo Contest   So much fun!  Bob and I loved seeing all of the great photographs by area photographers, both amateur and professional.  Thank you for taking the time to submit your entries. And the winner is:     First Place:  Anya Selina Wells Over all winner, Amateur photographer Congratulations Anya!  Your photograph shows great composition and mood.  We will be printing and framing your image this week.  It will hang in the gallery until March 2.  Please visit us on Friday evening between 6 and 7 to get your picture taken with Bob Walma.  Thank you for participating.     Lauren kane mattone 2nd place overall, amateur photographer        madigan lautzenheiser 3rd place overall, amateur photographer   Stacy drake pearson 1st runner up, amateur photographer     Linda  2nd Runner Up, amateur photographer    Kevin Tempelman 3rd runner up, amateur photographer   Morgan Lachney 1st runner up, professional photographer     Ryan christensen 2nd RUNNER UP, PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER   Joel Bradshaw 3rd RUNNER UP, PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER   Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry.  We have two additional weeks for this photograph contest.  This week the theme is:  Architecture  Please submit your photographs to Bob Walma via his emai: OR you can submit on facebook or instagram using the hashtag:  #c2cgallery2018photocontest.     Have a great week, everyone.  Thank you, Cyndi and Bob  

A Month Focused on Photography – Images of Post-War Europe

This month we are focused on Bob Walma's "Lines and Colors of West Michigan."  However, this article was in my feed this morning.  I found it haunting, eerie, sad, and yet beautiful.  Send me a note letting me know your thoughts.   Here is the link to the article if you would like to learn more:   A Jewish Photographer's Long Unseen Images

A Photograph I Love – memories of a family trip and it’s really a small world

TJ & Liz Patton This weekend, we had an interesting conversation with a couple of visitors.  They were perusing the artwork in C2C, and found TJ and Liz's photograph of the Live Oaks in Louisiana.  This photograph was taken on a family trip to New Orleans, with a visit to the Whitney Plantation.  All of us were glad that we made the effort to visit this museum on slavery, the only museum of its kind.  Our visitors knew immediately that this image was taken on the road to the plantation.  Isn't it a small world?!?

A Photograph I Love – the atomic age and Salvador Dali

Philippe Halsman I know I have said it in the past but the information on the internet is amazing.  Last night I decided that I was going to feature an iconic image from the 1940's.  Most of these images are of the war or related to it but then I found this photograph.  Philippe Halsman wanted to create a photograph that related to the new atomic age and Salvador Dali’s surrealist paintings. Philippe was born in the early 1900's in Latvia.  He lived a privileged life traveling and spending time in the great museums.  He found a camera in his teens and fell in love with capturing the expressions of individuals.  World War II arrived.  Most of his family left for the USA, while he waited.  Luckily, he had been in communication with Albert Einstein.  Albert talked with Eleanor Roosevelt to add this artists name to a list of artists and writers who could enter the United States.  Arriving in North America, was a challenge for this photographer.  Gone were his connections but he did speak 5 languages.  Connie Ford was just beginning to model.  Through his photographs of her, he gained recognition for his skills with the camera and capturing unique compositions.  Many of his images were used for book covers.  What an amazing find..... on the internet!  Love learning something new.  

A Photograph I Love – Dreaming of Water by Lori Reed

Lori Reed Lori Reed is a graphic artist who is taking her photographs and turning them into collages.  I didn't get to visit Tucson this year so this artwork caught my eye reminding me of the saguaro cactus that stand like soldiers.  Lori tries to move from a photographic documentation of a place at a particular time, to an impression of a place that is timeless ... more of a memory or a feeling of the space.  We will be hosting her artwork July and August this year.

A Photograph I Love – Windows to the World

Bob Walma Bob Walma is a West Michigan photographer and videographer.  He is known for his clouds and sunsets along Lake Michigan.  Like many of us, Bob has done many things in his life:  worked in the financial world internationally, worked in other corporate capacities in the United States; and then landed in West Michigan.  Lately, working on recording music and creating related videos to a new CD "Fresh Cakes".

A Photograph that I Love – Surfing in the Netherlands

Amir Cengic   Did you know that they surf in the Netherlands?  I didn't.  Of course, many people don't realize that we have surfing days in West Michigan.  I have to believe that the pier at Schevengen affects the wave action like our pier in Grand Haven. Summer will be here soon!!!   Amir grew up in the former Yugoslavia moving to the Netherlands to avoid the war there. Since that time he has captured landscapes, architecture, and street scenes.  This image was published in National Geographic's Photo of the Day.  

A Photograph that I Love – Four Fence Line by Stone Peng

Stone Peng places 4th in competition at KIA

Stone Peng Stone Peng visited us about four years ago.  He is a quiet man who's photography attempts to reflect  the Chinese philosophy of life and the aesthetic principles "less is more" and "empty is full" in creating his  images.  One of his professors told him “if you put your heart at peace and involve yourself in nature, you can feel that nature is your friend and realize nature’s life cycle and beauty.”  Stone has been accepted into and won many awards around West Michigan.   His most recent award is 4th place in the West Michigan Area Show.  We are honored to represent this artist.

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