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Sculpture I find Interesting – Maya Lin

Yale architect and sculptor's art found throughout New England

Women's Table by Maya Lin   I read an article today in the NY Times that I wanted to share and save, hence the blog posting.  Maya LIn has created many public sculptures in New England and across the United States.  Here is an excerpt and link to the article: "The table is inscribed with a sea of numbers in an exquisite spiral. Ms. Lin marks the presence, and absence, of female students through the years, creating a strong statement and pattern. After many years of zeros, the number grows quickly in the 1970s and ’80s, getting to 5,225 women enrolled at Yale in 1993 when the sculpture was finished. It is a meditation on social and gender progress. She is meticulous in her design: the stone is “Lake Placid Blue” as her homage to Yale’s blue and numerals use Bembo font as a link to Yale publications. “The Women’s Table” is understated, like so much of her work. Though it carries no explanation on it, people seem to appreciate it whether they fully understand its context or not." For the rest of the article, click here.  

Glass I Love! Check out Eli’s Installation.

What's new in the gallery?  Glasswork by Eli Zilke and Hot Shop ValPo. New Colors and styles.  I will show you which vessels are the ones that I love.  He and the Hot Shop ValPo crew just finished an amazing custom instillation for an university.  Check out the video showing their process and the considerations that went into its creation. Thank you to Bob Walma for this image.

Sculpture I Love – Glass Cairns

David and Melanie Leppla In the hills of Vermont you will find internationally recognized artists working in many mediums (clay, wool, glass, metal, & more), selling their art in galleries all over the country.  Mad River Glass, aka David and Melanie Leppla, opened their glass shop in the early 2000's.   I love their use of this medium, creating modern versions of recognized objects:  rock totems, Japanese lanterns, vases, and more.   You have to keep your eyes open when visiting this small state.  Hidden in the hills are gorgeous homes, world class restaurants, quiet rocky rivers, and of course, mountains for skiing, biking, and hiking.

A Sculpture I Love – Mysterious Traveler

David Petrakovitz We have a wonderful sculpture park in Northern Michigan, Michigan Legacy Park.  It has multiple sculptures throughout the wooded park.  You can spend an afternoon wandering and learning.  The Mysterious Traveler was created using old industrial steel objects with newer metal fabrications.  The artist's idea was to create a sculpture that used references to Michigan's industrial past.

A Sculpture I Love – A Good Foundation by Matthew Paskiett

Matthew Paskiet We found Matthew Paskiet's  glass art a year ago.  We loved his use of this material. Matthew's entry "A Good Foundation" was recognized in a Colorado Competition.  As most artists, he has many styles using "his" medium. This artist began his studies at the Toledo Museum of Art, then at Pilchuk Glass School in Washington State and the Centre de Vidre in Spain.  

A Sculpture that I Love – South Devon Coastline by Richard Godfrey

Richard Godfrey Richard Godfrey was a British ceramic artist who lived in both Great Britain and Gibraltar. He was interested in items that he found and saw along the seashore or in nature.  He was known for using intensely colored slips and creating organic forms that related to things in his daily life.  He passed away in 2014.  

A Sculpture that I Love – Tribal Revolt

Graham Hay - Tribes of taste Graham Hay is an Australian artist who uses a variety of mediums to create a sculpture.  He is well known in the ceramics world for working in paperclay.  Paperclay can be any clay body with processed cellulose fibre added to it.  Basically, the cheapest toilet paper that you can find is appropriate or a wide variety of other materials can be used.  Graham has taught workshops in the states.  I have wanted to attend one for several years but my schedule has never meshed with his calendar.  Check out his video showing the breadth of his creative work.

Sculpture that I love – Celebrating Beauty and Diversity – Nathan Murray

Nathan Murray In Nathan Murray’s MFA thesis is a quote from American social critic Cornell West that embodies key aspects of Murray’s own thoughts:  “We’ve forgotten that a rich life consists fundamentally of serving others, trying to leave the world a little better than you found it. We need the courage to question the powers that be, the courage to be impatient with evil and patient with people, the courage to fight for social justice. In many instances we will be stepping out on nothing, and just hoping to land on something. But that’s the struggle. To live is to wrestle with despair, yet never allow despair to have the last word.”   Nathan Murray’s ceramic sculptures celebrate the beauty and complexity of diversity.  He is using his creative skills to cause a conversation.

A Sculpture that I Love – Layered in Surreality

Narrative Sculptures by Sergei Isupov

Sergei Isupov I have been following Sergei Isupov for many years.  Each time I see his work, in person, my stomach forms a knot. Sergei's sculptural work is eerie.  You look, walk away, come back to it, and look some more.  The imagery and stories you can create are innumerable. Photographs don't do them justice.  The Erie Art Museum is hosting an exhibit of his work through April 2017.  If you can see this show in person, it would be worth the visit.

Sculpture That I Love – Intimate Objects – Judit Varga

judit varga   Judit  Varga is a Hungarian born ceramic artist who lives in the United States.  She tries to connect with nature and organic forms within it. Her forms grab my attention and make me really consider them.  They feel many times like a small animal or shell that you would find at the ocean or on a hike in the woods. 

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