“Views Through A Michigan Photographer’s Lens” by Monte Nagler

Sailing under sunbeams-MNP-02

“Sailing Under Sunbeams”, by Monte Nagler
(L’Anse Bay, MI)

“Views through a Michigan photographer’s lens”

Monte Nagler – Artist

Monte is a noted writer, lecturer and teacher of photography. He has conducted many classes and seminars throughout the world. Not only has he written a popular newspaper column, but he is also the author of six highly successful photography books. Frequently, he is called upon to jury competitions and to speak on photography topics on local radio and television stations.

His photographs, which have won numerous worldwide, national & international recognitions, are found in many private, public and art museum collections. Galleries, art dealers, interior designers, and publishing companies throughout the United States and Canada represent his photography.

Lavendar Farm-MNP-15

“Lavender Farm”, by Monte Nagler
(Horton Bay, MI)



To look through a camera and know that a mere fraction of a second of exposure can translate a fleeting image into a lifetime of enjoyment for you and me is a true joy. Through my photography, I want to say, “This is what I saw and felt and I want to share that.”

Photographers have the ability to make visible what others can only sense. This concept excites me. I want to stir people’s emotions with my photographs, get them to see the world in a fine light, and help them to appreciate life a little more. I’ve been through a lot of exciting times and adventures to obtain these photographs, and in doing so I’ve developed a keen awareness of the earth and its elements.

Five Boats at Sunset-MNP-16

“Five Boats at Sunset”, by Monte Nagler
(Interlochen, MI)



If I can help to instill in others some of the same feelings through my photographs, then a deep sense of accomplishment and satisfaction is mine. How fortunate I am to have a life work that is so satisfying and enjoyable. My intent is to share this with you.

– Monte Nagler

Boathouse In Autumn-MNP-09

“Boathouse in Autumn”, by Monte Nagler
(Marquette, MI)



Frankfort Lighthouse and Sunbeams-MNP-03

“Frankfort Lighthouse and Sunbeams”, by Monte Nagler
(Frankfort, MI)

Dixie's Teapot-MNP-17

“Dixie’s Teapot”, by Monte Nagler
(Harrodsburg, KY)

Dust & Thunder-MNP-04

“Dust & Thunder”, by Monte Nagler
(Rothbury, MI)

Evening Sunbeams-MNP-10

“Evening Sunbeams”, by Monte Nagler
(Sturgis, MI)

Bond Falls-MNP-01

“Bond Falls”, by Monte Nagler
(Bruce Crossing, MI)

Sunrise at Crooked Lake-MNP-08

“Sunrise at Crooked Lake”, by Monte Nagler
(Conway, MI)

Sunbeams & Shadows - Geometric-MNP-07

“Sunbeams & Shadows”, by Monte Nagler
(Jacksboro, TN)

Winding Road-MNP-12

“Winding Road”, by Monte Nagler
(Door County, WI)

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