How do you serve Blueberries?

July 17, 2013


Berry Bowl

Berry Bowl

Blueberries are coming into season around West Michigan.  I have heard of friends consuming over 50 pounds during a month’s time.  Personally, I like them frozen, added to my morning yogurt.  We have several berry bowls with matching plates that work great in your refrigerator or on your counter.  I think having them easily available increases the chance that you and your family will eat them throughout the day.


I hurried into the gallery today to roll out clay slabs for our children’s class this afternoon.  I think they are going to enjoy the project with Jaclyn today – Clay Animal candle holders.  We will continue to offer a variety of classes through mid-August.  Please go to our website,,  or our facebook page  and pull down the classes tab,, for more information.


Yesterday, I fired my gas kiln.  It was so hot in there!  I would hurriedly check the kiln, make adjustments.  I bet I wasn’t  in my kiln shed for more than 3 minutes at a time, but would be dripping in sweat by the time I headed back into the air conditioning.  Today, the kiln is cooling  and still over 1000 degrees.  I may have to wait until Saturday to unload it.   My daughter, Camille, will be in town on Friday evening.  She plans to begin painting her Artwalk entry next week – a mural on the outside back gallery wall.  Stop down and watch her progress later in the week.   I am looking for one additional Artwalk artist.  If you know anyone, please pass the word.


Try to stay cool, c.

Self-Criticism and Creativity Ask the Pilot
Self-Criticism and Creativity
Ask the Pilot

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