Lee Ann Frame

April 20, 2013

handmade print by Lee Ann Frame






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Lee Ann Frame

Printmaker – Intaglio, Woodcut, and Lithography

Lee Ann Frame is a West Michigan native who loves to travel. She teaches at Muskegon Community College. She received her BFA from Grand Valley State University and a MFA from Kendall College of Art and Design.
All of the prints that you see are original – each hand pulled. The image begins with a drawing. Some on location and others in the studio. Printmaking has the curious fact that the image is a mirror of the original. Ms. Frame works in several printmaking techniques: intaglio, etching, woodblock relief, and lithography.
“Every day. I step into the realm of possibility. Weaving inner thought and outer stimuli, searching for the “poetic image”. I’m inspired by the places that I have traveled. My art is a manifestation of reality, memory, and dream. Layers and surface textures evolve, irregularity and imperfections – like life, find place. My hope is that my work will conjure memories, tap your imagination and an intimate visual experience.”
This talented artist has juried into over 100 International, National, Statewide, and Regional Exhibitions. She has juried many state and regional art competitions, plus continues to teach workshops in printmaking and bookbinding.
Affiliated with the Society of American Graphic Artists; South West Michigan Printmakers International Society of Experimental Artists; Nautilus Fellowship Member; and Mid American Print Council.


On occasion I feel a gentle call to go out in a particular direction, not knowing what is exactly nudging me on–I follow my instincts. As I was driving along the Lake
Michigan shoreline I happened upon an older home “Nestled” up high into a bank of dune grass. I had a sense of settled and excitement when I came upon what I felt
was calling me out of the studio that day. This house had a story and I was inspired to create it in an etching. I don’t think the house will give up it’s stories but I do believe the viewers will bring their own story to it.


“Summer in Michigan”
(Multiple color plate intaglio and aquatint)
I started with the idea of a bird’s nest and eggshells, but I didn’t have the rest of the story…yet. Resolving this, like most of my other works, I take long walks while floating many ideas. I look out at my surroundings while images from past travels fold into each other. I remembered walking along a steep hill where I had a bird’s eye view of clustered rooftops. At that point I returned to the studio to work out the composition in a preliminary drawing. “Summer in Michigan” has a sense of closeness and safety far above the quiet town at twilight below.

pigeon creek etching by Lee Ann Frame

“Pigeon Creek”
I am drawn to water and the smell of earth.  It was a beautiful winter day when I set up on a bridge that looks over Pigeon Creek.  The sun created a strong contrast of tree shadows that moved down the banks and across the water.  A path, a path of sand, a road or a river provides a narrative, “going somewhere?” “ “Been somewhere?”  I worked on a copper plate, etching into the plate on site.  There is always a spontaneity and freshness that happens when working on location.  The collaboration between what nature presents and what I record is a spontaneous conversation


“Winter On Second Avenue.”
After a tremendous snowfall, on a very quiet and sunny winter day I walked to the end of my drive and was completely taken by the long cool shadows that draped
across the pristine snow banks and road, and the distant pinks that strongly contrasted with the pine tree in the foreground. I wanted to capture the softness of the light and colors on a very quit day in “Winter On Second Avenue.” A color reduction woodcut is where one block of wood creates a print with multiple colors. The block is carved and printed, carved and printed. The previous color is preserved as the block is carved and printed. The first printed colors are light and with each printing the colors are darker. Very little printing surface remains as the
last darkest colors are printed.

beautifully denied etching by Lee Ann Frame

“Beautifully Denied”
I have been blessed in many ways, and sometimes blessings are disguised.  We all have desires, some are fulfilled, and others are not.  It’s not that it is a total loss to not have something we may long for denied.  I have found that being denied may be replaced with another beautiful blessing.   Hurt is part of the denial, and a willingness to look for the beautiful is part of the whole experience.  The feathers are representing flight; the beautiful stones represent the denial of flight.  It is life.

Lee Ann Frame etching

“Spring at Hoffmaster”
Nature lures me out of the studio often and I headed out on an unusually warm spring day.  I took my lithographic plate, a stool and easel with me to Hoffmaster, Gillette Nature Park and Trails.  The sun and air had a crispness that I wanted to capture.   With materials in hand, I hiked the trails, occasionally looking back, things look different from the other side, also aware that the sun moves fast this time of year.  When the shadows pulled across the path with an incline and bend at the top, I knew this was the place.  I began with a quick sketch and then set up my plate and began to draw.  There is a connection that happens between nature and myself, it’s like it talks to me.   When the fleeting light began to wane, I headed home to finish and process the lithography. 

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