Bird Bottle

by Linda Ippel


Beautiful stoneware bottles perfect for nesting, these bottles attract birds year round.

Product Description

Bird Bottle
A ceramic home for wrens or other small birds, by Linda Ippel, looks great hung in a tree, on a fence or side of the house. You will have years of enjoyment watching our winged friends.

Easy to install, the bottle has a small hole with a “v” cut on the back of the bottle for hanging from a nail or screw. A small drain hole in the bottom of the bottle keeps birds dry even in rainy weather. Water does not collect inside, and the bottles may be left out all year for sheltering non-migrating birds.

Especially attractive to wrens, the opening is quite small. Predator birds can not get in, or peck a larger hole. Squirrels tend to leave the bottle alone. When nesting materials become dry and brittle, after the nesting season, it is easy to pull out of the bottle for cleaning.

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