Beach Inspired Pottery

We make beautiful ceramics with our hands.

Inspiration from water, sand and wind. 

Small batch pottery inspired by water and sand movement along our Lake Michigan sand dunes. The colors and textures plus tranquility of living life at the Lake.  

Experience the lake effect:  The wind, daily change of our waterfront, breathe in the fresh air and tranquility that envelops you as you walk along our fresh water ocean.  Crashing waves over piers, boardwalks, and even icebergs can be gorgeous. The four seasons fuel our imagination for ceramic surfaces. 

handmade pottery bowl at lake michigan made by Cyndi Casemier
handmade pottery mug at lake michigan made by Cyndi Casemier

Your gift of handmade jewelry will be LOVED for years.

handmade earrings by lochlin smith
woman at the beach wearing handmade earrings by lochlin smith

Handmade Mugs Make Unique Gifts.

give handmade pottery. share life.

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they will remember you for your special handmade gifts. handmade ceramic mugs

customer testimony loving our handmade pottery mugs

Finding the perfect handmade pottery or jewelry is not always easy.  We will help you.  

Email or Call us, 616-843-0870,  for help.

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