handmade ceramic cups make the best gifts

Finding that perfect handmade mug or drinking vessel is not always easy.  

Let us Help You.  New Cup Makers Coming Soon……

ceramic vase or kitchen utensil holder or wine bottle cooler

For the Friend who Lives Boldly

The “In Full Color” 3-D Collection

handmade ceramic mug by richard aerni

For Your Farm to Table Friends

The “Earthen Home Ware” Ceramics

handmade ceramic mug by cyndi casemier

From the Beach to your Home

the “Lines in the Sand” Series

handmade ceramic cup by cory mccrory

Buy Handmade to Support Low Impact Production and Community

our “Storybook Clay” Collection

schyler binkley mug white tall

Speckled Sense….

the Contemporary Pottery Series

wallyware mug ware on gluten

For the Friend who loves a good laugh

our “WallyWare” Collection

handmade ceramic cups

woman enjoying a cup of coffee in a handmade ceramic cup

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We have several amazing ceramic artists who have taken the time

– more than 10,000 hours –

to create this simple but very pleasing form.

send a joydrop gift today. Our joydrop gift giving service makes it easy for you to share the joy of handmade pottery.

send a handmade ceramic mug and fraser tea. send a joydrop gift today.

handmade ceramic cups there is something special about handmade ceramic mugs. We cherish our quiet moments with morning coffee. Spring afternoon tea with a friend on the porch. A hot cocoa with family on cold blustery winter evenings.