8th Day of Christmas – C2C Style

It’s the eighth day of Christmas and we are featuring birds, birds, and more birds. Did you see the Alfred Hitchcock Film “The Birds” or walk our waterfront feeling as though at any moment you might get attacked by the seagulls? Here’s a confession – I get entirely weirded-out by birds flying around me. It really freaks me out.

Handmade ceramic birds

BUT! I love our birds created by Mark Chatterley, Diane Niehof, and Tonya Rund. Mark’s crows or ravens are very craggy (is that a word?) and can be left outside or mounted on a wall. You could create a murder of them. Diane’s birds are fired in a raku kiln and should be displayed inside. Tonya Rund’s bird will always make you smile. They have simple faces that are always unique and will speak to you. We love their big feet. Tonya has been creating whimsical sculptures that you should stop in and check out. One may say that they really need to come home with you.

Ceramic Bird bath by Tonya Rund

Have a wonderful day everyone. Cheers.

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