A Bowl a Day – British Potter Takeshi Yasuda

A Bowl A Day – Takeshi Yasuda

Takeshi Yasuda porcelain bowl

My friend Tony Clennell had a thrill last weekend.  He met Takeshi Yasuda.

Tony Clennell Takeshi Yasuda

Takeshi is a Japanese clay artist who lives in Great Britain and China.  Currently, he is working at Alfred University in Upstate New York.  Tony loves to make handles and in his opinion Takeshi Yasuda is the best handle maker in the world!  So, I did what many of us do when something catches our attention.  We start googling information on the web.  I find several videos about this British potter and then start looking at images of his porcelain work.  It is such a small world in the world of clay.  I have drooled over his work in the past.  OF COURSE I HAVE!!!  I LOVE Takeshi Yasuda’s work!