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Guillermo Cuellar pottery

Guillermo Cuellar


Two years ago, I made a trek to Warren MacKenzie’s studio in Minnesota.  I had wanted to meet this humble artist for a long time.  My friends told me to just call and he would be open to a visit.  So, I did.  Warren did invite to see his studio, show my kids his kiln that was firing a load of pots, and a quick look at his personal ceramic collection.  One of the things that I have loved over the years regarding Mr. MacKenzie is that he wanted his pots used and available for purchase at reasonable prices.  He quietly suggested that we visit Guillermo Cuellar, a Venezuelan potter, who now lives in Minnesota.  Guillermo met Warren when he was teaching in Venezuela.  I believe the Guillarmo honors this tradition of making pots that are to be used.  They are solid forms with quiet decoration which in my opinion work well with food presentation.  His prices are reasonable and you feel that you can use each dish that you take home.