A Fun Project – New Art for the GH Community Foundation

A Fun Project – New Art for the GH Community Foundation. About three weeks ago, Holly Johnson, executive director of the Grand Haven Community Foundation called the gallery. She asked if I would visit their newly renovated office suite and make recommendations for original artwork.

I love these types of projects for offices and homes. I get to visit the location and see what type of furniture has been selected, the colors chosen, and style that the customer feels most comfortable inhabiting.

The Community Foundation offices are a mix of traditional furniture in the reception and conference room area; moving into a very contemporary mix of work stations and seating areas for the staff to work. I selected a more traditional hand-pulled print by Lee Ann Frame for the reception area. It has a nice feel to it making everyone who enters welcome. The intaglio and wood blocked print features the Eastmanville farmland.

Moving into the staff work space is contemporary Izzie Design furniture in oranges, grays, blues, and chrome. I selected abstract paintings by Deborah Bowen and Christi Dreese.

To complete the project, we asked former West Michigan artist and retired Kendall professor, Abbey Fitzpatrick to create two complementary paintings to the three that the Foundation already owns.

One of the things that I try to impress upon clients is that even though C2C Gallery is small. I have access to many artists in a variety of mediums and styles. I can help them complete almost any type of project that has to do with interior design and original art. We have artists who work in glass, abstract and landscape paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, ceramics, tile, encaustic, and more.

I love helping customers create their own unique space almost as much as I love working in porcelain clay. Talk with me. Let’s work together.

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