Tonya Rund is one of our ArtWalk artists this year. Plus, we are the only gallery that she works with in the sale of her sculpture.
Last week, Tonya sent me images of these two sculptures in process. I found it interesting to see the progression. Stop downtown to look at Tonya’s entry “Many Voices” and write your thoughts on this interpretive ceramic piece.
supporting the ceramic head tonya rund sculpture
Tonya Rund Sculpture
Do you see how she supports the head?
another view of ceramic sculpture by tonya rund
Do you see the bird’s feet around the small bowl? Her tiny birds with copper legs will be place there and on the top of her head.
Tonya Rund sculpture
sculpture ready for firing by tonya rund
Tonya told me that she started thinking about our Statute of Liberty. I thought of the poem “The Colussus by Emma Lazarus” (sidebar – I found an interesting article about Emma.)
In Junior High, we sang the song connected to this poem “Give me your tired….”. It was always one of my favorites. Have a good day. Be creative in some small way. C2
Give me your tired your poor Song “Give me your tired, your poor….. by Emma Lazarus

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