A St. Paddies Day Salute To Grass (Robin Hopper)

About two years ago, maybe three, Robin Hopper knew that he wasn’t long on this earth. He asked Tony Clennell to give his eulogy at our national ceramics conference (NCECA). I know that Tony started thinking about what he would say to his peers about this man who gave so much to our clay community.


Tony did a great job. He wore glasses, hat, and bow tie of Robins. He had one of Robin’s t-shirts on too. Robin would always wear these silly T-shirt’s while running a workshop. One time when he took me to his favorite T-shirt shop in Victoria. We hunted around, being in the moment, I had to purchase three silly T-shirt’s too. When, I got home, I said to myself “Really?! I don’t wear T-shirt’s like this laughing at myself.”.
Robin Hopper, an artist, man, husband, father, teacher, author, gardner, chemist, entertainer, and taskmaster, he was a force. Who will take his place? I know Tony is to some degree. Robin counseled him to not live as large and hard as he did. I hope Tony listens and that we get to see his artwork, take his workshops, and read his blog: smokyclennellblogspot.com for many years.