An Emerging Artist Nominee – Blair Clemo

Blair Clemo was recently nominated as a 2013 Emerging Artist by Ceramics Monthly.

Blair has been an artist at C2C since its beginning.  He is a professor at Grand Valley State University.

In Clemo’s work, the historical ornamentation, once created, is distorted through the making process, reacting to the form as it takes shape. His choice to leave some areas unglazed frames the areas of pattern, giving the eye a place to rest before diving back in.  Blair’s work is functional and a piece of art.  His attention to detail is outstanding.  His bowls are light even when large.  His bottoms are smooth, soft to the touch.  I love to show our clients his work.

We love Blair’s work for wedding gifts and accent pieces in your home.  Stop in, look, touch, and consider adding Blair’s work to your decor.