Moving Forward – Close 104 Washington – Art for Your Life – Online

Moving Forward – Close 104 Washington – Art for Your Life – Online

Saturday was our last day at 104 Washington.   If you couldn’t join us, we missed you.

We elbow-bumped, curtsied, smiled, and more, as ways to show that we appreciated seeing our friends of C2C Gallery.  It’s a bit crazy in our world right now.  I am thinking about next steps.  Sarah and I need to meet with artists; continue adding product to the website;  work on marketing plans etc.

Thank you to Bob Walma, Christi Dreese, Julie Minnema, Sarah Mattone, Denise LeClaire, Julie Devers, Kerry Rolewicz, Julie Billups, Lee Brown, Tom Webber, Lee Ann Frame, Michael Drost, and Susan Picking.  Each of these people, helped in a variety of days to make the day special.  At times, teary-eyed.

I thought I would share some pictures of the day:

Christi Dreese
Susan Picking
Michael Drost
Lee Brown
Bob Walma
Staff and Cyndi on March 21, 2020.
Lee Ann Frame
Lee Ann Frame, Denise LeClaire
Bob Walma taking pictures at C2C gallery

We ended the day grateful for the friends that we have made since 2011.  We and the artists have appreciated the opportunity to share their artwork with the West Michigan community and more.

Please visit our online gallery shopping area.  We are adding new products each day.  This coming week will be very busy as we transition to a new location.  We can help you send unique gifts. You can call (616.935.7337) or email or shop online. We will wrap and box the one of a kind art; write a note from you; and make sure that they arrive safely to your loved one.

I am hoping that I can get into my clay studio very very soon.

We will miss you.

Take good care.

Wash your hands often, please.


cyndi casemier artist at work

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