14 Foot Waves tonight!!

Grand Haven lighthouse photograph by Bob Walma

It’s a cold, gray, snowy, rainy day in West Michigan.  We are supposed to have huge waves and more erosion tonight.  I feel badly for Lake Michigan property owners who have homes at risk. Why do we always talk about the weather?  I guess because here in Grand Haven, we drive to the beach at least once a day.

Art for your every day life.

C2C Gallery was created because I needed a place to sell my functional and sculptural ceramic artwork.  Grand Haven is a tourist town.  My family has been in retail for three generations.  Plus, I had a business background.  It all seemed to make sense.  Then, I realized that lots of Michigan artists were looking for a great place to sell their artwork.  While living in Vermont, I fell in love with handmade pottery, jewelry, woodwork, and paintings.  I took every ceramics course possible.  I served on non-profit art boards.  Visited art museums all over the world.  A life long learner.  Kept my eyes open.

cup and saucer by Julie Devers. A pitcher by Hoyt Barringer

Cups, bowls, platters, plates, trays and more.  Don’t we use those things in our daily lives?

Painting by Mark Mehaffey

As I sit at my kitchen counter, I look across to the dining and living room.  I see paintings, pottery, a handmade rocking chair, original wood block and intaglio prints.  On my piano are two ceramic flutes.  All of these things make my home, mine.  I look at each piece and think of the talented artist who made it.  Each, unique, and wonderful to inspect.

Tony Clennell platter

I always see something new when I pick up a bowl made by Mary Barringer, a carved plate by Judi Dyelle, a platter by Tony Clennell, a vase by Cynthia Bringle, or a mug by Matthew Krausey.  I have wondered about an area of a painting and why the artist left it blank.  I can be home alone and not be alone.

Judi Dyelle bowl, Tonya Rund Bird, Julie Devers Vase and Tray

For me, the phrase “art for you daily life” has nothing to do with the cost of a piece of art.  It has to do with art being used and enjoyed on a daily basis.  My intent for C2C Gallery is that we offer handmade, excellently crafted artwork that you can enjoy today and for years to come.  Take care and hope to see or hear from you soon, C2.


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