Artist at Work – Studio time with Ronna Alexander

Last night, Sarah, Julie and I visited Ronna Alexander in her studio. So much fun! Hearing her enthusiasm and love of working in encaustics was contagious.  We left being very excited about her artwork and who she is as a person.

Ronna Alexander in her studio

We watched Ronna use her torch and bring different colors to the surface. Often, she has no control over what will actually happen. Serendipity and knowing when to stop manipulating the wax is key.

Ronna Alexander’s encaustic studio

Ronna Alexander encaustic

We have several sizes of Ronna’s paintings.  Stop in to see them.  Pictures don’t do them justice!  We are excited to share her work with you.  The big question is which one will you choose to add to your collection or begin a collection of original art.


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