Autumn…The Best Weather Michigan Gifts To Us

Autumn…The Best Weather Michigan Gifts To Us

It has been a fantastic summer.

Thank you to each of you for being a customer at C2C. Many of you won’t be back until next summer. However, many of us will be here for the glorious time of the year that we call Fall.
 Autumn glow Bob Walma

Image by Bob Walma

In Vermont, they call visitors “leaf-peepers”. Here in Michigan, we call them the “right season people”….who stay out of the crowds and enjoy the art that nature is creating for us.
Please enjoy the beauty of Lake Michigan with the mind blowing color around us.
Paskiett Glass Azul

Stop in to see our new art pieces that are fall related.


In addition, we have many serving pieces that will make your Thanksgiving table gorgeous, as we gather to express gratitude for the good in our lives.