Being Thankful. Each Holiday Season, we try to think of an event or offering that would be of interest to you.  You are busy.  We also know that you get lots of emails, blog posts, social media posts thrown your way.  But, really, aren’t we fortunate?  Yes, we have troubles.  Life is not perfect, far from it.

plenty of food

So, with that in mind, I thought maybe a list of possible items to give to a local food bank.  You could purchase them and drop off all at one time.  Maybe, once a week.  If you would like, we are happy to collect food at C2C through the month of November.

November 1: box of cereal

November 2: jar of peanut butter

November 3: stuffing mix

November 4: pancake mix

November 5: macaroni & cheese

November 6: canned fruit

November 7: juice boxes

November 8: canned vegetables

November 9: spaghetti noodles

November 10: package of rice

November 11: canned soup

November 12: flour

November 13: sugar

November 14: oatmeal

November 15: spaghetti sauce

November 16: toilet paper

November 17: paper towels

November 18: jelly

November 19: instant potatoes

November 20: dish soap

November 21: toothpaste

November 22: applesauce

November 23: granola bars

November 24: canned tuna

November 25: canned or dried beans

November 26: canned chicken

November 27: cooking oil

November 28: crackers

November 29: dried herbs/spices

November 30: syrup

Local Food Banks:

The People Center, 307 E. Exchange, Spring Lake, MI 49456

Love in Action, Inc., 1106 Fulton St, Grand Haven, MI 49417

The Salvation Army310 N Despelder St,  Grand Haven, MI 49417

The Salvation army

Love in Action


The People Center helping

Take care, Cyndi Casemier, art for your life,

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