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Handmade cups for gift giving

Buy Our Mugs & Cups. Support a Local Family.

How many handmade mugs do you have in your cupboard?  My clay sisters and I have been sending morning images of the cup that we are using for our first coffee of the day.  It’s been fun!  A virtual exhibit sharing our personal cup collections.  I think I need to do a live video sharing the mugs that are currently available for your collections.

I have personal favorites that I have a hard time sharing with others.  It’s been a test for me but I am learning.  This quarantining might create a better “Cyndi”.  😊I find myself drinking coffee most of the morning in one mug.  Switching to water using a tumbler.  Then, moving on to wine in the evening.  Of course, always, using a handmade cup. A walk or getting on the elliptical daily is in order so that I can have that wine.

Many of you know, that we moved C2C Gallery from a downtown location into an online gallery.  Seeing all of the artwork, handling it, and taking new pictures has made me “ooh and aah” many times a day.  Such lovely pieces!  We truly represent very talented people.

I love having wine out of Julie Dever’s wood-fired tumblers or Richard Aerni’s yunomis.   Along, with all of my other handmade cups.  Do you find yourself gravitating towards one special piece?  Send me a picture. I would love to see it.

My phone just went off.  The Governor of Michigan has announced that residents of Michigan will remain under quarantine until April 30.  If you are a potter, which I am, there are always things to make and try something new, mix glazes, fix, and make again.

I have been thinking about making tall yard totems.  I have pre-made paper clay in the studio.  Perfect for this type of project.  Are you working on anything that you haven’t tried before?  Painting a room, gardening, learning a language or playing a musical instrument?  Try it and see.  You, just might surprise yourself.

Consider purchasing a mug today.  When you buy from C2C or another potter, you are helping them put food on the table.  Plus, 5% of your purchase goes to our Children’s Food Basket.  Every little bit helps.  Thank you.  Take good care.  C2.

Gail Vandebogurt mug
porcelain cup and saucer
Light Cobalt Crystalline Tumbler by Brooks Bouwkamp
Handmade cups for gift giving

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