C2C Gallery is in South Korea!

 C2C In South Korea!!!!!!

As a gallery created by a very talented potter (that sweet wife of mine), we have an extensive inventory in almost every ceramic style.  There are so many options: clay, glazes, and techniques that it can make your head spin. The puzzle of pottery for me is that wherever human beings found clay they used it for practical purposes, art, religious and my fave…..storing wine.
We did this as we have done with so many other key components to our lives, controlling fire, weapons and on and on. The idea and creation didn’t happen by sharing info. It happened…………heck, I have no idea how all of those exact same things could have been created so independently.

Icheon Ceramics Korea

In Korea, there is a long history dating back 30,000 years of potters. As many of you know, we have big fun on our First Friday events.   A customer sent us a great little note. She had moved to South Korea and is exploring the pottery tradition there.  She was kind enough to think of us and sent this note with a picture.
“Good morning! I love your gallery in GH. I attended your July First Friday.  When I purchased some of your beautiful ceramics, I was given this bag. I am now living in Seoul, South Korea. We made it to Icheon, South Korea. It is known for their ceramics. I thought you would enjoy a picture of your C2C Gallery tote in an Icheon Ceramics Village in Icheon, South Korea. Have a wonderful fall!”

C2C Gallery in South Korea


We are worldwide now…..at least our bags are!