Ceramic Studio, Gallery and Life: 75, What I Learned This Week

In the Ceramic Studio:

Two weeks ago, I participated in a one evening art show.  It was fun to see lots of familiar faces and introduce my art to several new people.  Plus, help sell other artists’ artwork.  I did sell all of my large Lake Michigan Beach Vessels.  I love making these forms and they are resonating with clients from all walks of life.  So, it’s back to the studio and make new work.  I have ideas on taller forms incorporating my little houses.  Right now just some ideas swirling in my head.  There are always things to learn in the clay world.  Truthfully, always things to learn in all components of our lives.  I did read about using cellulose insulation for making paperclay.  This insulation is made from recycled paper products and primarily newsprint.  I am going to read a bit more on this and maybe try it soon.  Another thing I would like to try adding to my porcelain is the shiny photo copy paper for printing photographs.  I wonder if it would add a tone on tone dimension to the clay body.  However, for now, I need to use what I have and just get to work for the October 15, Art in the Yard Show.

Art in the Yard show

large oval ceramic beach vessel by cyndi casemier

ikebana vase

squared beach vase

ceramic beach vessel by cyndi casemier


I am not sure if I have shared this – I am not an athlete.  I was the girl who hated gym; took lots of lessons in tennis, golf, swimming and skiing.  I never enjoyed any of the ball sports.  My entire family enjoys all types of ball sports.  They are great team players and have participated in these sports most of their lives.  On my 60th birthday, my sisters convinced me to try pickleball.  They invited a friend who is a competitive player to give us a lesson.  The sisters were hooked.  They play 3-5 time a week.  Now, two years later, I am trying this game again.  I am having fun!  Last week, I took a beginner’s clinic.  Several of the local expert players offer their help on Tuesday nights.  One of the experts stuck with my group for three hours.  At the end of the evening, he pulled me aside saying, “I was a player”.  I said, “oh no, I am a geek who likes challenges between my ears and not with a ball.”  He laughed saying that I showed all of the skill sets to become a good player.  This gentleman made my night.  I just might become an athlete after all – even over the age of 60.  Also, it’s time to start practicing my ukulele.  I am still learning.

In the Gallery:

As I move through our community, I see several women wearing Lochlin Smith’s earrings.  They always tell me how the pair that they are wearing are their favorite pair to wear.  What a lovely thing to be told!  Please have a look at our selection.  I bet you will find a design that you MUST purchase today.  Look who I saw in town wearing a pair. Karen Smith wearing the handmade fun earrings and sporting one of Marushka’s shirts.  Karen and Randy Smith own and manage Marushka.

Woman wearing Lochlin Smith Earrings

Take care all, Cyndi

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