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Grand Haven artist collaborates with Dake and JSJ Corp.


to create 550-pound, 7-foot-high iron tripod to support ArtPrize entry






ArtPrize Installation: Thursday, September 16, 1-2 p.m., “Change, It’s Inevitable,”


by Cyndi Casemier-Johnson at Huntington Bank, 50 Monroe NW, Grand Rapids, Mich.


GRAND HAVEN, Mich., September 15, 2010 – When ceramic artist Cyndi Casemier-Johnson returned to Grand Haven after 13 years in Vermont, she was immediately struck by the plight of friends, neighbors and businesses struggling during Michigan’s tough economic times. But instead of giving up or just trying to survive, many people revealed a spirited determination to succeed, that in large part, inspired her 2010 ArtPrize entry, “Change, It’s Inevitable,” available for viewing during ArtPrize, September 22-October 10, 2010.




Employees at West Michigan businesses that embrace change daily in their own cultures, Dake Corp. and parent company JSJ Corporation of Grand Haven, teamed up to design and fabricate a 7-foot-tall, 550-pound iron tripod that will suspend Casemier-Johnson’s large art piece made of clay, screen printing and solar lighting. George Kruggel of Radiant Design provided support for the lighting.




On Thursday, September 16, members of this Dake-JSJ team will help install Casemier-Johnson’s ArtPrize entry at Huntington Bank, 50 Monroe Ave NW, in Grand Rapids. Dake and JSJ employees involved in the project are Bruce Anderson, who designed the tripod, Tim Cox, Brian Langlois, Archie Moe, Bob Pace, Jason Riemersma and John Young.




According to Casemier-Johnson’s description of her ArtPrize entry, “This imagery will remind you as the observer that, yes, we can adapt, move forward, and do more than survive. We can succeed.”




About Cyndi Casemier-Johnson and C2Ceramics


My work is reflective of my surroundings. I see beauty in the daily changes of our lakeshore and incorporate that into my artwork. My functional pieces use historical methods that are designed to be used daily. As I design unique pieces, that are unavailable anywhere else, I consider seasonal changes of familiar waterfronts, our relationship with nature (trees, water, sand, rock), and manmade objects.




About JSJ Corporation


JSJ Corporation, based in Grand Haven, Michigan, is a privately held corporation that designs, develops and markets durable goods and services throughout the world. Its businesses include Dake, GHSP, Hudson Technologies, izzy+, mcloone, and Sparks. More than 2,000 JSJ employees in the United States, China, Japan, and Mexico provide products and services to customers worldwide.





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