Creative Life, 1, Last week’s work in the studio

Creative Life, 1, Last week’s work in the studio.  This link appeared in my inbox this past week. It caught my attention because I ran out of Netflix shows to watch while on my elliptical.


Studio Work:

I did get a glaze firing done this week.  Here are some pics of how the pieces look before glazing and then after:

The towers remind me of San Gimignano, Italy.

The tray’s decoration relates to the lodge pole pines and time passages.  The smaller houses are flower bricks but my version with the slumped houses.  Homes and people are never perfect.  This is my reminder.  What are flower bricks?  They are a unique way to display cut flowers – just a few sprigs.

If you read something that you find very interesting, please send it my way. Articles I found interesting this week:

So beautiful:

How will we get through the winter?

What do you think of the West Coast?

Dexter reminded me that naps are always a good thing. Take care, C2.


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