Creative Life, 2. Progress in the studio. Plus, a quick trip to the Windy City.

Creative Life, 2. Progress in the studio. Plus, a quick trip to the Windy City. It feels as though a rhythm has been found – finally after six months.  Moving the business really messes with your head space for being in the studio.  I know that if I just walk into the studio, touch clay, I will be there for several hours.  Loving every minute.  For some reason, stepping foot into it can be difficult.  For me, all of my other to-do’s, need to be organized so that I have space in my brain to be creative.  The gallery always has tasks:  marketing language, images for marketing, blog posts, newsletters, advertising, bookkeeping, payroll, and most importantly talking with clients.

I did get trays made, a serving piece, and several tumblers.

I turned 60 last week.  We had planned to meet all of the kids in Santa Fe – hike, stay in a fabulous house, cook nice meals together and just enjoy each other’s company.  This year has changed most people’s plans.  We drove to Chicago and stayed in an Airbnb.  We got take out meals; took the architectural boat tour; and visited the Art Institute.  I haven’t left West Michigan in a long time.  It was nice to change venues.  Here are my favorite pieces viewed in the art museum.

Alberto Giacometti, Tall Figure, 1947

painting by Piet Mondrian, 1916

Bronze Sculpture by Henry Moore

This painting created by Monet at Etretat, France

reminds me of Pictured Rocks in Northern Michigan

For me, the days continue to fly by.  I can’t seem to catch up.  So, there is still too much noise happening around me.  Even though, most of us are pretty much at home.  So, how is it that the world has slowed down, but my world is spinning? Hmmmmm.


Take good care, c2.

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