Day 8 (or 7, since we took Sunday off) at LaMeridiana, Certaldo, Italy

Yesterday, three of us took off by train to visit Faenze. It is about 3 hours north by train. We had all variations of trains, local, fast, and then regional.

Bologna Train Station was a bit confusing – three levels of tracks. Thank goodness, a number is a number, so that you can find your train and the track that it is located on.

Faenza seems to be a very nice town. It had a nice boulevard leading from the train station. We found lunch at a restaurant that meant “Gypsy” in Italian. Their placemats said “Not all who wander are lost.” We had a nice day of wandering in the Museum of International Ceramics. Lovely older building with a contemporary annex.
Here are a few of my favorite pieces that I was able to spend time with yesterday. We are back to making and finishing work. Gorgeous day of sunshine (sorry, my Midwest USA friends.)
Take good care and do something creative today. C2