Do you keep butter next to your stove?

What do you leave on your kitchen counters? Here is what is on mine today:  tea, handmade teacups and saucers, lidded butter dish, laptops, pitchers, olive oil container, coffee maker, and more.

We often have this discussion in the gallery with regard to “do you keep butter on the kitchen counter”. Yes, I do. It’s fine. It has never gone bad in the warm summer months. I love having a handmade butter dish on the counter. It looks pretty and your butter is soft, ready to use. It’s literally art for your every day life.

Wood fired butter dish by Julie Devers

We have a butter dish similar to the one shown above in our kitchen. Another option, a fun black and white carved butter dish works well with a wide range of decors.

Black and white butter dishes


I think it looks so much nicer to have a covered handmade dish for butter in the kitchen. Don’t you?

Take care, c2

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