Do you think Lake Michigan when you hear the words “water” and “sand”?

Mike Taylor's potteryMike Taylor in his studio

Mike Taylor’s ceramic pieces combine color and texture to channel his love of nature. Mike throws and hand builds his pieces with the goal of function and beauty in mind.

 Mike Taylor's pottery

Mike Taylor’s clay work

He has worked in clay for 30 years. His work uses blues like water  and neutral tones like sand with a drip texture to make an object that reminds you of nature and all of the beauty that comes along with it. Mike loves kayaking and hiking, and this love inspires his work. He also uses driftwood from his adventures in his clay work.

Covered jars by Mike Taylor

Mike’s Covered Jars

Mike makes mugs and platters, teapots and envelope holders, jars and platters. One of his envelope holders is even two feet tall. It combines yellow, green and brown in horizontal layers of glaze. It is also textured with lines that look like dune grass and leaves and circles that look like pebbles. The handle is a driftwood branch with wood wrapped around it. Some of his other work, like his tiles, have leaf imprints in them. Everything in his collection will leave you with a feeling that you’ve experienced the outdoors in some capacity, or it will help you remember a time when you did. See for yourself, stop in to the gallery today.

mike-taylor-MT-41Mike Taylor’s Teapot

This post was co-authored with Emma Baty, our summer intern.  We  loved having her work at C2C Gallery this summer.  She is a journalism major at  Syracuse University.  Have a great year, Emma.