Do you want to rub shoulders with the Royals? Here’s how…

Do you want to rub shoulders with the Royals? Here’s how…

A couple of years ago, Mark Mehaffey was invited to exhibit in Scottish National Exhibition of  The Royal Scottish Society of Painters.  It was their 136th Annual Exhibit.   When he returned from Scotland, we met in Grand Rapids for lunch.  Monthly, we try to meet at Rosie’s Restaurant on Reeds Lake.  Mark was excited to tell me about exhibiting with HRH Prince Charles.  HRH Prince Charles wrote the forward for the exhibit’s catalog.

Mark Mehaffey in Scotland

On Sunday, an article appeared talking about how HRH Prince Charles has earned several million dollars from the sale of his watercolour paintings.  The proceeds are donated to his non-profit foundation.  He is one of the UK’s most successful living artists.  Very interesting!  This Insider article reminded me of Mark’s exhibiting with him.  Here’s the painting that Mark hung in Scotland:

Mark paints almost every day.  He and his wife have a standard poodle that they walk each morning, take a pilates class several times a week, and then he heads into the studio to work.  We have several very nice small paintings in the gallery right now by Mark.  They are acrylic landscapes measuring 6 by 6 inches.  I can sell them to you unframed for $150 each.  Framed for $200.  Here are several:

original acrylic painting of the irish coast
original acrylic painting of beach rocks

My favorite painting that we currently have in the gallery is “Under the El”.  This is a special watercolor painting.  Who loves Chicago?  Who collects art?  Free Delivery within 100 miles of Grand Haven or Free Shipping.

watercolor painting by mark mehaffey

Please take good care, C2.

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