First Friday follow up – Meet Internationally Collected Painter and Juror – Mark Mehaffey

First Friday – March 2018

Featured Artist- Mark Mehaffey


Cyndi and Mark Mehaffey



Who is Mark Mehaffey?
an artist
a painter
a fisherman
a walker
a dog trainer/lover
a teacher
a art competition juror
a friend to man
a mentor
an artist
Mark and I had a conversation between us and the gallery guests.  This banter between myself and the artists is something that I greatly enjoy each time we host an Artist Talk.  The list above circles back to Mark being an artist because at the end of the day, I believe that this is the very core of Mark.


Some of the answers to my questions posed to Mark:
Cyndi:  How often do you paint, in any manner?
Mark:  I paint every day, even if I am traveling.  Hey, I read an interesting article this morning, actually re-read it.  The title was “Why original Art in the home is as important as a BED.”  “You would never put fake books on your book shelf, so why would you put fake art on your walls?!”
Cyndi:  Tell us about the shows and traveling that you did in 2017.
Mark:  In 2017, I was invited to the Shanghai China Invitational Exhibit and Paint Out.  I was invited to bring two paintings to be exhibited and paint while visiting the surrounding areas.  One of the two paintings that was exhibited was purchased by a C2C client.  I was thrilled for her to own this painting. She can tell her friends that this painting was hung in Shanghai.  Rosie and I traveled to Scotland to participate in a Watercolour Society Exhibit.  I was able to pose for a photograph with Prince Charles who also exhibited in the show.

Cyndi:  What do you consider when judging a piece of art?
Mark:  I consider how well did the artist resolve an idea or content of an entry; then the overall design and how it relates to the overall emotional content; and then lastly, the technical skill and application.
One last thing that I shared:
I hope that you, our friends,  will continue attending art openings; inviting friends to join you; and meeting artists.  I believe it is a win-win situation.  You get to see and consider new ideas.  Artist get to talk about their thoughts and what they are trying to share. 
And at the end of the day, it connects us to one another.  Have a good night everyone.