Four female potters and baby goats

Four female potters and baby goats
Feeding the Goats at White River Creamery

What do potter’s do when they get together? They have a lot of fun. We visited a goat cheese maker, White River Creamery; learned about taking care of the goats, milking them, and making the cheese. Did you know that goat cheese is much better for you than cow cheese?

Many of my non-creative friends (but I believe everyone is creative in some manner) think that if you are an artist, you lead a wild crazy life. Most potters and other artists, that I know, lead fairly solitary lives. You need to have your own personal space and time, to really do your work. Yes, our work. It is work – whatever the craft. The most productive and successful artists that I know, treat their craft as a “real” job. They stick to a schedule. They show up. I could write an entire article about the concept of showing up. But, I digress.

When artists do leave their studios and meet up with one another, we do have a good time. About a month ago, I was invited to friend’s home. We had such a great time – talking about pots, making great meals, working in her studio, and getting to see the new Walton family art museum, Crystal Bridges.

Crystal Bridges Museum

Crystal Bridges, Fayetteville, Arkansas

As usual, there was a lot of talk flying around as we wandered the museum. One of the gals, said that when her daughter was young, they would play a game of choosing their favorite three pieces of artwork. I used to do the same thing with my daughter. So, we played the game. When we got back to the car, we compared each other’s choices. What I found most interesting was that only one painting was agreed upon by two of us. So, it confirms what I tell my customers, “Trust Your Gut” when deciding if you like a piece of artwork. Even artists don’t agree on what is best. As an uneducated collector of art, you might not be able to use the acedamia language to describe why you like a painting. I believe that we have an inner voice or intuition that tells what is working well in art. You might not know its because the composition follows a formula recognized as pleasing to the eye. You just know that you like it.

If that is the case, then buy it. You will never regret the purchase. You bought for the right reason, the only good reason – you like it.

“Woman with a Veil”, Henri Matisse


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