For more than 35 years, Cyndi has been collecting art.  She attends  exhibitions across the United States; visits museums; and attends ceramic courses both in North America and Europe.  Her mother, an artist, always pointing out well designed buildings, paintings, and more as she grew up.  As an avid art collector and ceramic artist, Cyndi is always looking for new un-known talent.  At C2C, you will find pottery, jewelry, glass, and art for the walls created by artists who are recognized for excellent design and their strong reliable work ethic.

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Watch Julie Devers throw pots in her studio

Studio visit and talk with Julie Devers in her pottery.

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handmade pottery mugs are special

Mark Chatterley and Cyndi Casemier at Chicago’s Navy Pier SOFA Event

Mark Chatterley and Cyndi Casemier at SOFA-Chicago

In 2011, C2C Gallery opened as a brick and mortar store. Cyndi Casemier, the owner, curates affordable art for your every day life. She created a business to sell her ceramic artwork along with other artists, mainly from Michigan.  

You will find unique, excellently crafted artwork of many mediums: abstract and landscape paintings; lakeshore related photography; hand-pulled original prints; hand-fabricated sterling silver, gold, and copper jewelry; hand-blown glass; ceramics of many styles – both functional pottery and non-functional. The handmade items change often and are always of the highest quality.

But, why C2C?  Let’s go back in time.

Cyndi wedging clay

Cyndi moved to Vermont in 1994 leaving an investment career in Michigan. She was looking for a way to make new friends and remembered that she loved clay as a teenager. She found a group teaching clay classes and started taking courses. Long story short, Cyndi fell in love with clay – the making of vessels and sculpture. Soon, she was very involved in the business side of the Vermont art center. Always taking art courses while helping manage the daily operations. During this time, meeting artists of all walks of life, Cyndi fell in love with the idea of having fine art and craft in her life. Each piece purchased had a story:  the artist and their passion for their craft; the making of the item; and the location of the artist’s studio/gallery. Over time, these handmade items were used on a daily or weekly basis: the lamp for reading; the casserole for a family meal; a platter for serving Thanksgiving turkey; the baker for apple crisp; redecorating a living room featuring a much loved original painting; an art photograph for a bedroom; and more.

Cyndi throwing pots in front of children

In 2007, Cyndi returned to Michigan. She took four years setting up her studio and thinking about next steps in her own artistic life. Her hometown is a Lake Michigan beach community with many tourists year round. There was only one gallery in town – a cooperative. C2C Gallery was created with the help of several friends. We began with Cyndi making pots in part of the gallery. We wanted to share excellently made artwork at affordable prices. Throughout the month, two to three artists helped cover the sales floor when she was firing her pottery in her kilns. A building was purchased and more than 40 artists were represented from 2012 to 2020. We hosted First Fridays featuring an artist and a local musician. Fun art talks took place sharing information about how different artwork is created and the creative life. Cyndi has a blog talking about life as an artist, the art world, and cooking. (Did you know that most potters are great cooks?) In 2014, employees  were hired to help sell artwork and allow Cyndi to make more pottery. With this help, the gallery grew with regard to sales and the number of artists represented.

In 2020, Cyndi decided that it was time to spend more time on her own pottery. The business side of C2C was transformed into an online gallery representing 15 artists.  Each of the artists that you find on our website, are masters of their craft and highly respected. We believe that including art in your daily life makes it better – connecting you to others. We hope you decide to purchase their art and enjoy the items for many years to come. Thank you for your time.