Gallery, Studio and Life: 52, It’s a New Year

It’s a new year. How are you going to spend it?  We do have a choice as to how we look at the world.  I am choosing to look for the good in people and the things around me.  It might be something small but over time, making this choice helps me look at my world with a hopeful lens.

lake michigan january 1 2022

We started New Year’s with a hike at Lake Michigan.  I think I love it out there more in the winter than the summer.  (Yes, that is crazy.) But, the shoreline changes every day with the winter winds.  Icebergs build up, things blow in and land on shore, the lines in the sand are ever changing.  It’s truly amazing.  Leo loves going to the beach.  If we drive by and don’t stop.  He starts swearing at us in doggy language.

walking the beach

I don’t know about your house, but mine has been very quiet this year.  As I look around, I am making lists for repairs and renovations in 2022. How about you?  Do you have any plans?  After reading several newsletters over the last two days,  I keep thinking about comments friends or clients have made when visiting my home.  They almost always remark how my home looks like a place where I would live.  The first time a friend said this, I just laughed and said “of course”.  Over the years, I realize that it is not just “of course”.  It has taken me time to collect the artwork in my home.  Yes, owning a gallery helped me find these pieces.  But, I took my time.

living room with art

I started with prints of original paintings and slowly purchased original art that spoke to me.  Paintings, Original hand-pulled prints, glass, and sculpture. With pots, it’s always how they feel in my hands or sit on a table.  Each item has been a deliberate choice.  A hint:  I usually find a new piece of art when I am not being intentional about looking for one.

If you visited our brick and mortar gallery, I hope that you gained information about the artist. Then, enjoyed just looking at the artwork.  And then, after some time, returned to select that special piece.  We never rushed our visitors.  Collecting art should be with the consideration that you will have it apart of your life for a very long time.  It doesn’t go out of style.  You might move it from room to room.  I promise you that with each move, you will discover some new aspect of it.

Sarah has laughed at me so many times when I exclaim “Wow!  Did you notice how the light reflects on this painting?” or “Did you see how the glaze and texture works together on this piece?”

For you and your home:

interior design



I wish each of you a healthy, contented, and safe 2022.  I am looking forward to seeing what gets thrown on my path.

Oh, before I forget, we are offering 20% off all of our ornaments. Did you know that you can sign the back of our ornaments with a sharpie pen?  Then, use it as a gift tag all year.  Give a bottle of wine to a friend.  After the wine is consumed, they will remember you when they find the ornament.

Take good care, C2.

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