Gallery, Studio and Life: 54, Do you travel with a mug?

How are you doing?  It’s been cold and snowing every day several inches in West Michigan.  I start my day snow blowing, shovel mid day, and snow blow again at night.  Leo loves the snowblower, he charges around biting at the flying snow.

Leo the havaton puppy at the potter’s wheel

Handmade ceramic dinner plates by cyndi casemier

I am headed to a month long clay course in Portugal.  Tony Clennell promises to work me heard for 30 days.  I have been looking at artwork that resonate with me, making notes about why I like them.  Before I headed out, I did get a set of dinner plates and appetizer plates made for a good customer.  They turned out great.  I love this black glaze.  One reason that I make simple plates is because I like food to be the focus not the thing they are served on.  I think black dinnerware is a contemporary alternative to white dishes.

Handmade ceramic appetizer plates

Do you travel with a mug?  I thought about it on this trip since I am going to clay school.  But, decided I would rather look for a handmade mug to take home.  Mugs are nice to purchase as a reminder of a vacation.  Easy to pack and a nice memory when you drink from it.

I am headed off on a big adventure.  As, I stand on the Minneapolis Airport moving walkway looking out the window.  I can’t help but wonder why we don’t put art on all large plain concrete buildings?  Like this?  (I photoshopped a Christi Dreese abstract painting into the picture.). Isn’t this more interesting for a traveler to look at while waiting to get to the next gate?

Minneapolis airport
Art work on side of building

I made it to Portugal and was picked up at the Lisbon airport.  It’s is such a small world.  My classmates for the next thirty days are from Canada, Vermont, Nantucket, and Germany.  Of course, the Vermonters know some of the same people that I do.  The young man from Germany grew up in the town that my daughter did an artist residency last fall.  Amazing!!

I am ready to have a fabulous dinner, talk pots, get some sleep, and get to work.

Take care, C2

Tres Marias Portugal
Clay Kitchen Portugal
Tree house at Tres Marias

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