Gallery, Studio and Life Musings, 15

Gallery, Studio and Life Musings, 15

Another 7 days have flown by. Do you feel like the days swirl past you? I have the best of intentions each week. Look at my schedule on Sunday evenings for the upcoming week. Monday arrives and we are off!

Last weekend, I made paperclay. Poured the clay slurry onto a plaster bat. While wet, it looked like sand movement. Which is my goal – living on Lake Michigan with our dunes is an amazing thing – constant change.

While letting the clay begin to set up, I had been wondering why my studio was so cold and figured it out! Last summer, I was too cold with the air conditioning running so I closed all of the vents. Duh!!! So, almost no heat.

I went into the studio to open furnace vents. Found the platter cracked. Back to the drawing board. The heating/cooling vents are in the ceiling. Lucky for me, my partner is 6 foot 4 inches.

He just reaches up and opens them. When, I had the brick and mortar gallery, my electrician was 6 foot 9 inches tall. He would just reach up and change light bulbs for me on the gallery lighting tracks. There are advantages to being both tall and five foot three.

With paper clay, you can re-constitute the dried clay. So, now I have blue in my porcelain. (Another story for another day.). I am going to re-wedge it and try again. Have a good weekend. C2

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