Gallery, Studio and Life Musings, 25 – Town Hall Meeting for Creative Souls

Gallery, Studio and Life Musings, 25 – Town Hall Meeting for Creative Souls. We did it!  I hosted a virtual Town Meeting for Creatives.  Tony Clennell and I talked via zoom with more than 100 friends.  We chatted about living by yourself during the pandemic; working in our studios;  forming new life habits; and chatting with friends.  It felt so good to be seen.  Yes, we all loved hearing Tony’isms.  If you have taken a class with him, you will understand.  There was a couple moments that were so very sweet, at the very end.  We unmuted everyone and people started saying “hello” to one another.  It was great!  We saw friends from Northern British Columbia down to Georgia.  We did record it.  It will be made public very soon.

Tony Clennell St Paddies Day

In the meantime, how did the rest of your week go?  I got a couple of walks in with Leo and Bruce.  Yes, I did get on the elliptical and lifted weights.   I am reading too.  During dark winter months, I retreat inward.  I have a hard time staying warm.  As soon as we begin having sunnier days, I have more energy.  Therefore, get more things accomplished.  My studio is very cold January to February.  I have bad circulation in my feet and fingers.  Instead of pushing through with hurting hands, I have decided its my time to think about pots, decorating of pots, and new glaze patterns.  No more internal guilt about not making.  It is what it is.

Do you remember when I was making porcelain houses and then dropping them on purpose so that they would slump?  I made some paper thin slabs and put together three bottle forms and then dropped them on purpose.  I wonder if they will make it through two kiln firings? I will be decorating them thinking about moon phases and time spent (Al Stewert “Time Passages”).

That’s all I have for this week, take good care, c2.

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