Gallery, Studio and Life Musings, 27

Gallery, Studio and Life Musings, 27. What did you get done this week? The sun has been out in West Michigan but very cold. The winds are blowing off of Lake Michigan.  Bitter!  We have new Tom Edward mugs and bowls.  They are sure to make you laugh.  Handmade spoons by Cory McCrory and Marion Angelica. New small paintings by Mark Mehaffey.


My favorite article of the week:  Augusta Savage, the Black woman artist who crafted an unlikely life.  Plus, she started a school in Chicago.


Sarah, our gallery manager, published her first  blog post sharing her views of learning about art and starting her own collection.  Check it out!


I did get a bisque kiln fired.  There are several serving bowls, mugs, bottles, soap dishes, and vases in this firing.  Sanding and glazing this coming week.


It’s that time of year when we fill plastic eggs with candy that will be hidden for kids of all ages to find.  Bruce is organizing this weekend’s egg hunt.  Personally, I think he chose candy that he wants to eat next week.  (Did I say that?).

Have you been vaccinated?  Bruce and I have both been fully vaccinated.  Now, if Sarah starts the process next week, we will all feel much safer with regard to getting sick from the virus.  What are you cooking this weekend?  I am going with recipes that I haven’t made in years.  A honey mustard sauce for the ham; sunshine carrots; and carrot cake.

Do you remember finding a lost egg hidden under the couch and thinking “hmm, we looked there.?”  Thrilled that you had found a forgotten candy.  This Easter bread recipe is colorful and chocolatey.

How did exercising go this past week?  I did get on my elliptical 3 times, walked Leo daily, and walked with a girlfriend.  Plus, lifted weights a couple days a week.  Check out the new art available below.  I am signing off to get outside and work in the yard.  Take care, C2.

Winter Sun - Acrylic Painting by Mark Mehaffey
4 porcelain spoons on a table

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