Gallery, Studio, and Life Musings, 28: Ceramics is just mud

Gallery, Studio, and Life Musings, 28: Ceramics is just mud.

Finally, I was able to visit my daughter in Chicago.  Both of us have been vaccinated and her roommates were ok with the visit so long as we wore masks.  It was so good to be with each other. We walked a lot along Lake Michigan and the 606 walkway.  We got takeout at good restaurants and walked several different neighborhoods.

Chicago at Hyde Park

I found a couple of recipes that interest me.  They might you too.

Baked Asparagus with egg and tomato

Salmon Piccata

Chicken Enchilada Bake-Gluten Free

But, I did miss a sunset with Bruce and Leo Friday night because I was finishing up with my glazing tasks.  Bummer.  We  hosted our first dinner party in 15 months tonight.  Everyone invited has been vaccinated.  I think my cooking skills for more than 2 were a bit rusty.  It was fun to gather at the table, enjoying good food and friends.


I did get glazing this week.  Almost done and ready to fire on Tuesday.  It will be the first of 2021. As I age, firing in a freezing cold kiln shed is unappealing to me.  I know excuses, excuses.  I listened to several very interesting podcasts this week.  I heard thoughts on how pottery is just mud used to form containers that help us move through our day:  water and grain containers, bowls for eating food, and crypts for burying our dead.  Throughout the world civilizations discovered that clay could be molded at almost the same points in time.  Then, as humans progressed, the clay forms became decorated and more elaborate – art forms.  I love knowing that my preferred art medium assisted mankind in helping them store food and water, plus incorporate beauty in their lives.


I did listen to several good podcasts this week while in the studio.  You might be interested in listening to them.

The Amazing lives of Migratory Birds

Paul Greenhalgh on how ceramics shaped civilization

Amanda Hesser and Food:52

Plus, a couple of interesting articles:

The Rise and Rise of Amanda Gorman 

I am looking forward to reading Amanda’s two books due out in September.  One a children’s book and a book of poems.

35 Tiny Ways to Brighten your Partners Day

Did you know that Keds has a whole comfort section of tennies?


What’s New?  We have prints of Michelle Courier’s original landscape paintings available.  If you have always loved her artwork but just couldn’t afford them, this is something you should consider.  She is having them copied onto 75 year archival paper.  This means that you can count on the print not fading for 75 years.  We suggest that you do not hang them anywhere there will be direct sunlight.  I hope you will consider one if you love Michelle’s work.

I hope that you had a good week and an even better weekend.  My word for the year is “balance”.  Did you declare a word/goal for the year? I am headed out to get pansies for a couple of planters.  Spring has arrived in West Michigan!

Take care, C2.

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