Gallery, Studio and Life Musings, 30

Gallery, Studio and Life Musings, 30. How is it that another week has passed?  This week in the gallery we received new brightly colored mugs.  We love Cory McCrory’s fun pottery.  She makes mugs in blues, reds, oranges, greens, turquoise and more.  Have a look at her whimsical artwork.  Plus, a nice selection of soaps arrived from our Ferndale, Michigan makers.  Pair the soap with a small square dish and you have a nice Hostess gift.

I am in my making cycle in the studio.  I have been thinking about hand built mugs that have four components.  Usually, I throw my mug forms on the potter’s wheel and hand pull the handles.  It’s too soon to determine whether these will be a form that I make for awhile.

Check out my instagram post about friend Robin’s version of Oribe-ware.  It got me thinking about my time passages series and my love of this ancient era of pots.  I am thinking that I can use my White-Orange Shino and a Green glaze with Iron Oxide brush and slip bottle decorations.  Stay tuned.

Purple and yellow poppies are in the planters and the grass was mowed for the first time.  Tulips and daffodils are in vases around the house.  It’s spring in West Michigan.  As our friends become fully vaccinated, dinner parties are starting to become a part of life.  It feels so good!!  What do you do besides eat at your dinner parties?  For me, its all about the gathering of family and/or friend.  Good food – sometimes great with a new recipe, sometimes familiar, and even just comfort food.  For my family, comfort food means a roast cooked all day with carrots and potatoes.  The house smells divine with the roast cooking in the oven.  I found a chocolate chip banana bread recipe that sounds yummy. I am planning to make it for Bruce’s grandkids who have been gone for a month.

Last night we had wild Alaskan salmon and steaks on the grill.  I made a sauce for the salmon. Roasted potatoes and a salad.  Then, coffee with treats from Patricia’s Chocolate.  It was very simple but really yummy.

Mustard Sauce:

1 Tablespoon course ground mustard

1 Tablespoon red wine vinegar

1 teaspoon honey

1 Tablespoon chopped large leaf parsley

I use this combination on salmon and roasted potatoes.  It really enhances the fish and veggies.

I hope your life is getting a bit more “normal”.  Take good care, C2.

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