Gallery, Studio and Life Musings, 31. It was one of those weeks. I missed writing last week because I rushed a making session for a client. I guess I needed to re-learn a lesson.  There are no short cuts in clay, especially with porcelain.  I lost about 60% of my bisque firing.  In 25 years, I have never made this mistake.  Moral of the story:  No matter what the customer is asking for, you can not hurry the clay process.  I had a bit of a hissy fit and moved on.  This week I decided to make plaster molds.  Again, a learning curve.  I haven’t made any in about 5 years.  Look what happened – 

It was a mess.  I cleaned it up and moved on to another studio task.  If you interested, watch me throw a couple large bowls and  trim a few bowls  on the potter’s wheel.

In the gallery, we have new jewelry by Lochlin Smith.  It’s always fun to see what he created.  Plus, I do have new serving bowls, platters, soap dishes, and beach sand mugs.  Sarah did a really good job of photographing my pots and jewelry.  She has come a long way with her e-commerce skills.

This recipe sounds really yummy – Leak and Goat Cheese Spanish Tortilla.  One of our customers (who is also a friend and fellow potter) shared it on social media with a plate that I made several years ago.  It was nice to see it again.  Should I make some more of this design?

cyndi casemier ceramic plate in black with a lodge pole pine

What have you read lately?  Anything that you couldn’t put down.  I have always enjoyed Chris Bohjalian’s books.   His new book titled “Hour of the Witch”. You can pick it up at your favorite locally owned bookstore.  I can’t wait to purchase a copy.  

It’s been cold here in West Michigan.  The wind blows off of Lake Michigan. We rode our E-Bikes last week.  We have been excited to get on them.  So many people are out riding.  I give them a lot of credit for riding against the strong winds and cold temperatures.  I have been walking Leo about three times a day.  He loves it.  One of the benefits is that I see neighbors along the way and get to catch up with them.  

It’s Mother’s Day weekend.  My oldest son is flying in for a couple of days.  My daughter is driving up from Chicago.  It will be a good weekend.  Good food, company, family, and laughter (I hope).  Take good care, C2.

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