Gallery, Studio and Life Musings, 33: Celebrating Ten Years

I am taking this week to look back at the last ten years.  The days and weeks have flown by.  C2C went from being a place for me to make pots into a gallery representing more than 40 artists.  We represented potters, glass blowers, painters, printmakers, photographers, jewelers, and more.  We have worked hard to build a strong reputation among artists.  The goal was that the artists could be assured that we had great inventory records; we respected the work; and could tell its story.  In the public’s eyes, we tried to display excellent art in an attractive manner, always being a class act, and ALWAYS being friendly.

Julie Devers and Michael Kifer

Have you ever walked into a gallery and felt out of place? That never happened at C2C Gallery.  All were welcome – children and pets, even.  We would have clay or drawing materials for kids so that they could be busy while their parents shopped. The gals that worked for me even made ornaments during quiet moments at the back of the gallery.  Of course, none of this is relevant anymore.  We are an online gallery.  We take lots of pictures of every single art piece so that you can feel confident in making a purchase with us.  Confident that you know what you are buying.  We encourage questions and will take even more pictures to help you.

stephen kostyshyn holding a vase. reed basketry

Did you know that we share wonderful recipes that are fairly simple?  You can find them on our blog pages by searching “recipes”.  Plus, in my weekly posts, I share articles and podcasts that you might find interesting.  Since the very beginning, we have supported local non-profits and continue this day.  For 2021, we are giving 5% of sales to the Momentum Center.

Thank you for supporting our artists these last ten years.  If you are new to C2C Gallery, you might find our videos of First Fridays and Artist Interviews interesting.  Because we (meaning me, Sarah, and all of our artists) are so thankful for your support, we are offering 10% off on all artwork through June 6, 2021.

Take good care, Cyndi


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