Have you heard of geo-caching?

I hoped you had a nice weekend.  You are asking, “What in the world does “geo-caching” have to do with art?

We were invited to spend a day wandering with friends this past Saturday.  It was to be a day spent outside, social distancing, seeing new things, and just getting out of the house.  It began at 11 am.  Wally and Jane picked us up in their beautiful car.  We were told to wear our swimsuits.  First stop – Duck Lake’s entrance into Lake Michigan.

Before Duck Lake’s entrance/exit, we did stop to investigate the Block House.


I love texture, angles, and sky.  I am always thinking about how do I incorporate these elements into my ceramics.

Did you know?

Isn’t it interesting that in 1926, there was a plan to create Muskegon’s Scenic Drive and carry it all the way to Grand Haven?  Wouldn’t that have been beautiful?  Connecting all of these beautiful waterfronts?  We are so lucky to live close to this fresh water ocean.

Bruce always finds beach glass wherever we wander.  Jane told us that she has only found one piece this year.  As much as she is in the water, I am surprised.  Maybe she needs to just stand still and look, instead of being a mermaid.  A very cute one.

On to the next adventure:  GeoCaching.  This is a modern day treasure chest hunt.  There is an app to download on your phone.  A map is activated and you can go find a hidden treasure.  You are supposed to take a little something and give a little something.  A diary is kept inside of each container so that you can note your find.  We had things like a ceramic fortune cookie, beach glass, a painted rock with sweet messages, glass Hersey kisses, and a one cent Euro coin.  I think this activity could be a fun thing to do with friends, family, children, and other groups.

We finished the day with ice cream from Pekadills in Whitehall, Michigan and a fabulous Lake Michigan sunset.  What does geocaching and a creative life have in common?  Have a look.

photograph of the grand haven lighthouse at sunset

Bob Walma waterfront Lake Michigan

After this fun weekend, I am ready to be in the studio and be creative.  How about you?  Take care, C2.

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