Here we come New York City

Inside the NYC Guggenhuim, looking up.
This week I traveled to New York City to visit a university with my daughter, Camille. After visiting the campus, classrooms, and walking the area that it covers; I can see her there. She will be stretched academically, give her a larger world view, and demand that she be organized in all aspects of her life.  It is the only school that she instantly became very excited to attend.  Previously, she had asked to take a gap year.
Camille and I walked the streets of Greenwich Village, Soho, Little Italy, Union Square area, and more. Yesterday, we visited the Guggenheim Museum.  We were impressed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s design for this collection of artwork.  Inside, we saw the Japanese Gutai collection.
Motonaga Sadamasa’s Work (Water)
When Camille was quite young, we played a game while visiting museums and galleries.  I asked that she look closely at each piece of artwork and tell me which was her favorite.  I always asked her why she chose a certain piece.  Her answers were always very different that what I anticipated.  Our favorite piece was by  Motonaga Sadamasa.
Gutai:  Splendid Playground
Many times, I was ready to move on and she was still looking. I look forward to many future adventures with her in the Big Apple.
I am heading home today. In the next week, I will be organizing the GHHS student ceramic exhibit. The students’ work is just as interesting. Sheri Greene, their teacher, works hard, throughout the year, to teach them many techniques.   Her enthusiasm for clay is evident in the students’ artwork.
2013 GHHS Student Work
I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight.

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