When clients consider paintings, we talk about a variety of things.  I ask questions like:  What is your budget?  (If they would say, we don’t have one, I would ask “why not?”) Do you have a location that your are trying to fill or a room that you are finishing? What have your purchased in the past?  Do you have a certain style that you love?  Is there one that your really don’t like?

full size image of Lakes, Trees, Dunes by Mark Mehaffey

Lakes, Trees, Dunes by Mark Mehaffey. Mixed water media. 30 x 22, unframed.

From there I have  good information about how serious the clients are with regard to purchasing original art.  If they seem serious, we continue talking and looking.  Many times, it helps, if I can see the room, furniture and paint colors.

Abstract painting in clients home

Abstract Painting by Christi Dreese in a client’s home.

One thing that you should know is that many artists follow a formula for pricing their artwork.  Many painters use a dollar amount per square inch as a basis for their pricing. If a painting exceeds or excites the artist’s expectations, then, they might increase the per inch price.  One of our artists maintains a $4 a square inch formula.  Another internationally recognized and collected painter, asks between $3.6 and $3.9 a square inch.  Several of our well known area artists set their prices at the $2 a square inch price.  I would be short-sighted to not comment on this range of prices.  Michelle Courier, who asks and receives $4 and more on her paintings sells across the country in markets where well established painters receive $10 a square inch. Mark Mehaffey, our internationally known landscape and abstract artist, sells his artwork at a lower price point because he likes to get his paintings into people’s homes. Plus, he is very prolific.  He could ask for a much higher price point AND receive it.  He is that good.  Christi Dreese, Lee Ann Frame, and Ronna Alexander are talented Midwest artists who are not as well known.  In my opinion, if they continue working their craft, they will be asking higher price points in the near future.  They are that talented.

september light landscape painting by michelle t courier

September Light, landscape acrylic painting by Michelle Courier. 36×48.

Different regions of the United States do command a higher price point.  Since our country is large, the arts are regionally valued differently.  So, when you travel, be aware, that you will find different price points.

YOU have to decide whether the artwork in front of you is worth the price that they are asking.  I always recommend that you love the artwork first. Then, consider how much you are willing to pay for it.  It is perfectly ok to ask how many paintings have the gallery or artist sold at this price.  Google the artist. Walk away and think about it.  If you are still having it pop up in your thoughts, you should add it to your personal collection.  If you have never purchased original artwork, then, maybe, this is the first piece in a lifetime of considering other paintings.

Sunset from the Beach alternate view

“Sunset from the Beach” by Mark Mehaffey. 30×40.

Michelle Courier Painting in a client’s home.

original oil painting of Rolling Woodlands and Lake Michigan

“Rolling Woodlands” by Christi Dreese. Oil on canvas. 40×30.

Afloat by lee ann frame

“Afloat in Memory” by Lee Ann Frame. Original Hand Pulled Print. 16 x 24

Terra Blue Encaustic Painting by Ronna Alexander

“Terra Blue” by Ronna Alexander. Encaustic Painting. 20×20.

We have reproduction prints of original paintings plus art photography available.  You can have interesting unique art in your life at all price points.  Let us help you.  Take good care, C2.

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