I’ve been thinking about how do I buy art. The other side of that question is “how do you buy art? Do you buy art? If no, why not?

Hand blown glass vase by eli Zilke in pinks blues and greens painting by Kerry Rolewicz

Glass Vessel by Eli Zilke and Painting by Kerry Rolewicz

I only buy artwork that I love. When, I see a painting that resonates with me, I know that I will love it forever. At C2C, I have coached both Sarah and Julie, to always let our customers know that they can trust their guts when considering a new painting, a piece of hand blown glass, a bespoke piece of jewelry, or a unique piece of pottery.

Poppy jasper pendant in sterling silver by Julie Sanford designs

Jasper Poppy Pendant by Julie Sanford

Your unconscious brain understands whether the design and proportions are well composed. Even if you don’t know about the golden ratio, your mind’s eye does.

Mid century modern designed pottery by Jeff Blandford and original hand pulled print by lee ann frame

Modern Pottery by Jeff Blandford & Original Hand Pulled Print by Lee Ann Frame

The quest for new art can be a lot of fun. I do believe that you should relax, take a wander, learn the story behind the artwork and the artist. Then, ask the question, “Do I love it?” If yes, buy it and love it for a life time.

Abstract painting by Mark Mehaffey fine art

Abstract Painting by Mark Mehaffey

Have a wonderful day. I woke up to snow this morning. Please do something creative today and maybe get outside for a bit. Take care, C2.

Grand haven pier and catwalk photograph by bob walma

Lake Michigan Photography by Bob Walma

Whimsical painting by Kerry Rolewicz working man on a windy day

Painting by Kerry Rolewicz


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